Wednesday 21st October: Snake Girl returns

I had an appointment with a potential adopter in the early afternoon, and took four candidates along to Whiskers’n’Paws for the meeting. One of them was Minky, who admittedly stood only an outside chance of being chosen, but it was an opportunity to get her out and about. Strangely, given Minky’s reluctance to even go in the garden, she’s quite confident and relaxed about her infrequent trips ‘abroad’, and apart from the expected seasickness she did very well. It was fluffy Nancy who was chosen, but I know one day it will be Minky’s turn. Even though I’ve written enough about her to make a small book, she’s actually a very sweet and easy dog with a calm and loving character.

LarryAnother dog who just needs a home to shine is Larry, arguably one of the strangest looking dogs ever. His head is undoubtedly boxer, and if you saw only his face peeping round a corner you would assume the rest of him would match. His body, however, belongs to either a bulldog or Pekingese, or another breed that has very hefty shoulders tapering off to slimline hips. He’s the size of a bulldog, so would be classified as small/medium, but his build puts him in a totally different category from the usual small breeds. I moved him from kennels to Lamma the other day because he just didn’t fit in anywhere and was miserable, and he’s now very happy being able to run around freely with the other dogs.

I was asked about Charlie, the old shih tzu who had screw worm infection in his face. Sadly he didn’t make it and died yesterday, not from the infection itself but from tracheal collapse which he had had for some time, but it was aggravated by the tube that’s inserted down the throat during surgery. We gave it our best shot, but in the end it was his time.

Following my nature lesson yesterday with the python and the kite, I decided to take along a small video camera on my walk in case there was something else I needed to capture for posterity. I tested it out by filming a short scene of the dogs running, and Bilbo coming up to say hello, and that worked fine.

Just a minute or two later I heard excited barking, and saw the dogs dropping into one of the large storm drains that link the various lakes. I knew what that meant – there was a snake in there, unable to climb up the steep sides to escape. Sure enough, by the time I got there the dogs were busy hassling the snake, a harmless rat snake about four feet long. Donning my imaginary Snake Girl cape, I slid down into the gully and cleared the dogs back from the snake, while at the same time reaching for my camera. At last, some real action shots! While keeping the dogs back from either side, I started filming the snake at my feet, and then – Battery Low flashed up, and the camera switched itself off. I had to get the snake to the safety of the nearest lake where it could submerge and hide (all snakes are good swimmers) while keeping the dogs at bay, and at the same time I really, really wanted to get some clips of the action. I switched the camera on again, and filmed as much as I could before the thing once again turned itself off . Using a stick, I picked the snake up and started walking along the drain towards the lake, still with the camera in one hand. The snake was quite heavy and kept dropping off the stick, and my arm felt like it was about to drop off too, but I had to keep going as I really didn’t want to give up and let the dogs get to the snake. I finally made it and the snake swam off, much to my relief but I’m sure it was nothing compared to the relief the snake was feeling.

Back home I couldn’t wait to see what I had managed to film, and after charging the battery in the camera I switched it on to find – nothing! The last clip was of Bilbo running up to me and that was it.  Snake Girl’s anonymity is safe, for now at least.



2 Responses to “Wednesday 21st October: Snake Girl returns”

  1. Angela Wong Says:

    Charlie died peacefully and the helper thought he was sleeping. He was a great dog and I am so glad that I met with him on Sunday before he crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday. Thanks Kirsten and Dana for looking after him. Thanks a lot.

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