Tuesday: Nature, life and death

It was the all too familiar mixture of bad and good news today, the good news being that tiny peke girl, Mushroom, had emergency surgery last night and was doing so well by the morning that she was ready to leave hospital. She’s now in a lovely foster home with a similarly-sized peke boy, Squash, who was adopted from HKDR a couple of years ago. I think it could be true love already.

Our beautiful Caroline died this morning

Our beautiful Caroline died this morning

The very sad news is that our beautiful and sweet Caroline died this morning. She had been very quiet yesterday but the vet couldn’t find what was wrong, and blood tests showed everything was normal. She was started on antibiotics while a more detailed blood test was done, but it was all too late. My own theory is that somehow she ate some rat poison, though how and where I don’t know, although there are signs up near the kennels that rat poison has been laid.



Apart from the fact that Caroline was such a lovely young dog, her death is doubly sad because as a puppy she was very ill with pneumonia and spent a long time in hospital. It was touch and go at that early age as to whether or not she’d pull through (we lost several pups then), but she did. To lose her now is just very sad.



Now one of Caroline’s two sisters, Judith or Maddie, will take her place at kennels.




I had to take the bull terrier from AFCD in the afternoon as he had already overstayed his allotted time there. When I had tried previously my concern had been that he would be aggressive towards other dogs, but as it turned out he was absolutely fine. At only around 8 months, he’s still a puppy, and a handsome boy with his light tan coat and white paws, unusual for a bull terrier. He’s now called Bumper.

I had another nature lesson on my morning walk with the dogs. Over one of the small lakes in the quarry, I noticed there were a lot of kites (birds, not toys) milling round, usually a sign that there’s something dead and edible there. I went over to investigate, wanting to see what was there but at the same same not really wanting to find anything horrible. When I got to the lake I could see there was a kite lying by the edge of the water on the far side, its wing flapping helplessly, and not wanting to leave it there half dead I walked around the lake to have a closer look. As I approached the bird seemed to change somehow, in both shape and colour, and then I realised it was because there was a large python wrapped round it, squeezing the last breath from the dying raptor. By that time the dogs had come over to have a look, and seeing the snake started to hassle it. Letting go of its prey the python slid into the water and disappeared, but I hope it came back for its meal later. There’s not point in wasting a good dinner.


5 Responses to “Tuesday: Nature, life and death”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Didn’t you say you like to swim in that lake……

  2. Norma M Says:

    Such sad news about Caroline, she was so lovely!
    I did see rat poison this morning on my walk. I saw a small bag of pink pills secured to the inside of the drain cover with tape. (next to the field in our rd.)Please pass this message on although I know we have all been told to be on the look out for poison. Same bags that were thrown into the field last year. Sue spoke to the people the other day and they told her they are not putting it in the field but they were spraying the drains.
    Hope the dogs do not swim near your python! I have a great fear of snakes having been through a few too many experiences, having lived for many years on a farm in Africa, when I was very small. Sounds romantic but I could tell you some stories!

  3. Emerald Says:

    This is very sad news… Caroline was my favourite 😦 She was a wonderful dog and she will be missed…

  4. Siew Yen Says:

    I read that the rats may not die immediately so there is also a risk that they may wander into the kennel and get eaten by the dogs, which lead to secondary poisoning..

  5. Gene Says:

    So sad to heard about Caroline. She’s a lovely dog. I think I saw her when I was there on Tuesday, our guide said she was really sick and I thought she would be ok but I guess life is just unpredictable.
    b ythe way, I really think Siew Yen’s theory is worth to consider.

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