Monday 19th October:

Joey, where did you get those ears?

Joey, where did you get those ears?

Today was a big day for three of the Lamma doglets when they went for desexing and didn’t come back. By that I mean they are now kennel residents, and will hopefully be in new homes before too long. Joey is the brother of Simon and Piers, all very beautiful boys, and the owner of an exceptional pair of ears.



Lancelot joins sister Guinivere at kennels

Lancelot joins sister Guinivere at kennels

Lancelot is sweet Guinivere’s brother, and Pickle makes the third. Samuel also went for desexing but as he is identical to several dogs we already have at kennels, he was allowed to go back to Lamma.

Pickle, another gorgeous boy ready for a home

Pickle, another gorgeous boy ready for a home

After having been neutered, I took the dogs over to AFCD for their microchips, rabies shot and licensing, and while there made the inevitable check of new arrivals. I found a tiny peke girl, black and brown, who is so small she looks like a puppy. I went into the kennel and she wagged her little tail and looked up at me with her funny face, as if asking if I was going to take her. Of course, there is no way I would leave such a tiny dog, and as she had been surrendered I could take her immediately. I was told her owners lived in government housing and weren’t allowed dogs, so that’s why she had been surrendered. I looked at this mini bundle of fur in my arms, and couldn’t see how anyone would even know there was a dog, but it didn’t take long for me to realise what the real reason was. Mushroom (her new name) had a profuse vaginal discharge, and after being checked by the vet was sent immediately to hospital. She probably has pyometra, an infection of the uterus, and any delay in surgery could be fatal. I’m so happy I found her in time.

Earlier in the day a 9-month golden retriever had been surrendered to our kennels. The owner came with the dog’s trainer, someone known to us and not one of the awful trainers. He explained that the domestic helper had been playing mind games with the dog, tricking, teasing and fooling it so much that the poor animal had no idea what was going on. The dog eventually snapped and bit the owner. This was apparently the third dog that this family had had, and then given up, and I’m completely at a loss to understand why the helper still has a job when everyone seemed to know what was happening. Maybe the helper’s a great cook or something, but I’m both baffled and astonished. Now we have to assess the dog and see how we can restore his sanity.


4 Responses to “Monday 19th October:”

  1. Angie Says:

    So sad about the golden retriever actually many helpers doesn’t like dogs because for them its another burden for them. I saw lot of helpers who are setting outside chatting with each other instead of walking the dogs,and usually they hit the dogs when they are outside.And im not amazed anymore when i hear news that the dogs bites the helper.

    • Anna Says:

      I agree, it really annoys me when they walk the dogs to a spot and then sit in a group chatting. I don’t have an issue with them talking for a diversion – but it’s disrespectful and unhealthy for the dogs. I just don’t understand why they can’t talk whilst walking the dogs?
      The huskies get fat, walking 100m from their home to the exact same place every time, lying down, then walking back. It just really arouses anger in me… I’d love to give them a long walk… I mean come on, they were bred to pull sleds, weren’t they? But now they’ve lapsed into this lethargic lifestyle that can’t possibly be good for them.

  2. Sandy Liu Says:

    Dear Sally,
    I am very busy these days that I can’t walk with the lovely dogs in kennels, but I always read your blog to update the news in HKDR. How about Bugsy? Does he still live in foster’s home?
    My friend has a golden retriever which is 7 years old. However, the dog can’t walk after a surgery. My friend would like to buy a wheel chair for the dog, but she doesn’t know where she could purchase an animal wheel chair. Would you give her some suggestions?

  3. Vivian Chan Says:

    Lancelot is brother of Guinevere! They don’t look a like. Good that they don’t; easier for us. I’ve been calling Lancelot, “the prison break baby” until I found out about him name from Cliff renently. When this boy was tiny, he kept on jumping and climbing out from the puppy pen. We couldn’t touch him but he wanted to meet us. Remembered looking at Sammy catching and putting the boy back where he belonged every 15 minutes.

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