Saturday 17th October: Rescue Ink


It was a good day for adoptions at kennels, and I love getting the calls that come in letting me know. Two little new dogs went, and although a home is always nice, it was the two large mongrels that were the best. 

Adelaide and Sophie will be going to a home together, so we’ll put them in the same kennel until they actually leave and they can get to know each other. Adelaide’s real bother, Sydney, was adopted recently so it’s extra lovely that she’s also been chosen.



Lucky Adelaide will be going home with new 'sister', Sophie

Lucky Adelaide will be going home with new 'sister', Sophie


Beatrice is such a sweet and gentle rottie cross

Beatrice is such a sweet and gentle rottie cross

I was asked if one of our large dogs could be used as a blood donor to help a golden retriever who had been adopted from HKDR some time ago. The volunteer who called me suggested Beatrice, our very sweet rottie cross, as being a good size and I agreed. I knew she’d be easy to handle too, which is always a bonus. However, when she arrived at the clinic the vet said she was unsuitable because it seemed she’d had puppies in the past, and she was sent back to kennels to be exchanged for another dog, Hugo. We’ve sent many dogs to be blood donors over the years and I’ve never heard of this before, so I asked another vet who also said it would be no problem. So who’s right?


I had my day off today, and took the chance to watch some DVDs that had been given to me. They’re National Geographic programmes about a group of tattooed bikers in New York who go around rescuing animals that need help. Apart from the usual, awful over-the-top narration, they were very entertaining, and there is actually a reason why I was given the DVDs to watch. The plan is that HKDR will link up with Rescue Ink, the name of the biker group, to make a another programme comparing problems with abandoned animals in New York versus Hong Kong. It’s an exciting project and I hope it comes to fruition. Check out Rescue Ink on YouTube, and look out for Big Ant as he’ll be our ‘main man’.

There was some good news and bad news about some little dogs that had recently had surgery and/or health issues. Otto, the young pom who had such bad back legs that he had to hop like a rabbit, needed a second operation on the leg that had had surgery. It was (and still is) touch and go as to whether the leg will need to be amputated, and while this wouldn’t be a huge problem in most dogs, it’s a major problem for Otto as his other back leg also needs surgery to be able to function properly. The latest report I got today was encouraging, so I can only hope that things go well and Otto will soon be able to use his leg to walk on so he can have the other leg fixed.

The geriatric shih tzu, Charlie, who had to have surgery because of screw worm in his face, isn’t doing well. He’s been suffering with a collapsed treachea anyway, which makes him cough, and this has been made worse by having to have the tube down his throat for surgery. Now poor Charlie is coughing all the time, and although he’s in a great foster home we feel that it’s not fair to keep him going like this. Tomorrow will be decision day, but it’s more than likely that Charlie will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow. There’s a time when euthanasia is exactly that, a merciful release.


2 Responses to “Saturday 17th October: Rescue Ink”

  1. Diana Says:

    I wish you success with the Rescue Ink project. I also pray for Charlie that if he does have to cross the Rainbow Bridge, it’s going to be a peaceful journey for him.

  2. Claire Y Says:

    Very exciting news about Rescue Ink – I saw them on TV a few months ago being interviewed on the Ellen Show talking about the work they do and if memory serves I believe that Big Ant was on the show.
    It will be great if it all works out.

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