Friday 16th October: Another away day

It’s official. Puppies double in size overnight! I swear Rosie (who’s been called Posy but I checked and she’s actually Rosie) was half the size she is now when she came to the Bloomberg party just six days ago, but today she’s suddenly a little dog. That’s scary.

Something else scary is that someone wants to re-home his Yorkshire terriers, all fifty of them. Yes, FIFTY! Apparently the owner is an old man who’s terminally ill so he’s having to give up his dogs. I hope we can help find them homes.



Sweet Mistral looks as though she should be a big dog, but she's actually quite small

Sweet Mistral looks as though she should be a big dog, but she's actually quite small

I recently mentioned a puppy called Mistral that was rescued from “Dog Island”, a small island in my bay where dogs are routinely dumped. I guessed that she had come from one of the local fish farms, and her behaviour at the time certainly backed up my theory as she didn’t know how to play, and was very sweet but also timid. Although she looks like a rottweiler and/or doberman cross, Mistral is still quite small even though she’s already six months old, and now she’s starting to come out of her shell she’s the most affectionate and loving little dog. I hope the rottweiler look doesn’t put people off, as she’s as far from a guard dog as the softest of any breed. She does have a very deep and big bark though, and anyone just hearing her would think there was a giant mastiff in the house, so she’d be the perfect burglar deterrent.


This years Peak to Fong will be MEGA!

This years Peak to Fong will be MEGA!

It was another non-kennel day for me today because I had to go to Central for a Peak to Fong meeting mid-afternoon. The days are flying by so fast that the event will be on us before we know it, and it’s starting to get really exciting as everything starts to come together. This year’s party will be way beyond any previous year’s, as for a start the whole of Lan Kwai Fong will be blocked off to traffic and there’ll be booths on the street selling everything from food and drink to all sorts of merchandise. We have musicians, competitions, mega prizes and gifts, and even Santa and his elves will be there!



If you want to wear the official T-shirt on the day, you can buy now at any of the fairs where HKDR has a table (check the website for details), or at the kennels. The goody-stuffed backpack will be the ticket that everyone will be given prior to the event itself, so make sure you get yours in time.


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