Thursday 15th October: Feeling the pressure



Little Taco ran away after being "disciplined" one too many times

Little Taco ran away after being "disciplined" one too many times

I got news that a little dog had been found wandering – and terrified – in the Saikung area, and the microchip showed that it was one of ours. By that I mean it had been adopted from HKDR a couple of years ago, but the microchip information shows all previous owners and we are always informed if an ex-HKDR dog turns up abandoned. So those people who dump their dogs thinking that we’ll never find out can think again.




 I immediately sent a text to the ex-owner of the dog, a little peke mix, asking her what had happened, and why the dog was found wandering. The first reply said the dog had run away during the last typhoon, so then I asked why she didn’t want the dog back. “She bites people whenever we try to wash her or discipline her. I’m rarely in HK and my maid can’t handle her”. When I questioned how a dog can run away in a typhoon (do people leave their doors open?), the answer came back “She was in the garden. She often ran off when we told her off”. In the garden during a typhoon?? And being told off?? In just two messages the words “discipline” and “telling her off” appeared. I bet Taco, the little dog, is happy to be away from a home like that, but as always it is worrying that we entrust a dog to someone who promises all sorts of things, but then we find out the truth is somewhat different. The worst case of all involved a golden retriever, and to this day I can’t forget what that poor dog went through before it mercifully died.

Incidentally, Taco was one of our top dogs, a very cute and sweet young thing, not at all the biter that she was reported to be. I can just imagine the “discipline” she was receiving to make her need to bite.  He’s also a male which his ex-owner failed to notice, even after two years.

I was feeling under pressure on my visit to AFCD today. I knew that tomorrow was going to be one of “those” days, when the four day’s stay was up and the dogs and puppies not taken would be destroyed. Don’t ask me how it’s done, as I don’t even want to know and I don’t ask. “Humanely destroyed” is the term used by AFCD.

It was deadline time for a dog I called Dawn, a sweet and pretty young adult who was very shy. Her total lack of aggression under severe stress made me want to save her, knowing that she would be a lovely dog under the right circumstances. In fact, although she wouldn’t walk on a leash (almost certainly never having had a collar on before), she was happy to be carried without any fuss. Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes for her to understand that she is safe and that nobody is going to harm her.






Mojo has had a very stylish haircut since this photo was taken

Mojo has had a very stylish haircut since this photo was taken

Tomorrow is operation day for one of our office dogs, a peke boy called Mojo. Like a lot of small breeds, he has bad knees (luxating patella), which means his legs are all over the place when he walks (which he loves to do). Mojo is a typical white peke, who’s lovely once he knows you but can be grumpy with strangers (OK, OK, he may bite). I have a very soft spot for Mojo, and I love his funny face and his character. We really need a foster home for this little guy, somewhere where he can recover from the surgery. If anyone can offer temporary bed and board to a cute and small Pekingese boy, please email Maria at







3 Responses to “Thursday 15th October: Feeling the pressure”

  1. eu Says:

    HK is advanced in terms of finance stuff. but when it comes to treating animals and trees, this city is far from civilized.

  2. Joanna Tse Says:

    Hi! Anyone knows about Yorky the 4 years Peke girl? Has she got new behaviour changed under the right circumstances? Is she still in fosterhoming? please e-mail. Thank you!

  3. Levana Says:

    Such a sad story for little Taco, and many others that you save. They all come to HKDR with a sad story of abandonment and abuse.

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