Wednesday 14th October: Young and old dog tricks

It’s never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks, or habits. My lovely terrier, Sandy, recently decided that she wants to sit on my lap while I’m working, and has also found that she can climb onto the top of the tall fridge in the kitchen via the spiral staircase, where she can watch all the goings-on from the safety of her high perch. I don’t know why she has suddenly become so soppy, or what prompted her to slip through the railings onto the fridge, but it just goes to show that it’s not true that old dogs are stuck in their ways.

We do take in a lot of old dogs, large and small, and one of the reasons that people give for not wanting to adopt anything older than a puppy is that they can’t train an older dog. That’s just not true, and we’ve seen many cases to prove it. As much as I love puppies and their antics and cute looks, it’s still a relief when they get to the age where they are past all of that and have settled into their own skin and character. No more chewing, or barking just to hear the sound of their own voice, no more early morning wake-up calls, no more shredded dog beds, just the comforting companionship of a faithful and loyal friend.


Pingu as a baby, and still just as cute now

Pingu as a baby, and still just as cute now

Little Lorry Pup, Pingu, went to have his legs X-rayed today. I was worried that there was something wrong as his legs are so short and stumpy, but it seems that he is just made that way. He looks like a chunky dachshund, and now that I know he’s 100% fit I’m sure he’ll get a home soon. He’s in a foster home now, and I’m sure he’s loving his new social life. I believe his preferred drinking spot is the Cutty Sark in Elgin Street, so if you’re in Soho early evenings keep an eye out for him and say hello from me.


Minky downstairs at last

Minky downstairs at last

Continuing the Minky and Sparkle saga and their supposed eviction from the top floor, Minky has actually done very well and will go downstairs by herself now, but Sparkle resolutely refuses to move. She’s also taught herself a special trick which she practises every day. The baby pups have their indoor/outdoor enclosure upstairs, and being very young they get soaked dog biscuits mixed with canned food for their breakfast. This drives Sparkle crazy because she wants some too, so she has worked out how to get it. She puts a front leg through the bars and hooks the bowl of food, pulling it to the edge of the enclosure. Then with her paw she flips the bowl so the food is flicked out onto the floor where she can eat it. She does this over and over: flick, eat, flick, eat, while the babies have to sit and watch their breakfast disappearing. Anyone who says that dogs can’t think need to watch this, because I think it’s pretty smart (though annoying).



At kennels we’ve been planning to switch the volunteer room and the office for months now, but somehow there’s just never time to do it. There are reasons for wanting to make the swap, and one of them is so we can get the kennels shop up and running again. We have a lot of things to sell, including the Hills food that we feed our own dogs, and now there’s the 2010 diary and calendar, as well as our new T-shirts and tops. You can still get all of these at the kennels, but it’s a bit of a squash. Anyway, we finally have the solution and the motivation to make the move in the shape of the US Navy and their volunteer sailors. They’ll be sending in a team when they’re here at the end of the month, and we know what we have lined up for them! Now we just need to break the news to the dogs who currently occupy both rooms, as they’re going to have to move too.



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