Tuesday 13th October: Chung Hom Kok collies

I knew what today had in store as it was the deadline for the two dogs that had been caught in Chung Hom Kok a couple of weeks previously, and which I had said we would take. These dogs have now become a “breed”, as much as the Shek O Sharpeis and the Monkey Pups. They are very beautiful, large, and have a lovely temperament, which is just as well given their size. The mother of all these dogs is well known to AFCD and others, and while the owner has agreed many times to have her desexed he continues to let her breed, and the offspring roam. That’s how these two young dogs ended up in AFCD, as there were complaints from Chung Hom Kok residents. Stanley and Murray are about 8 months old now, and as handsome as any dog could be.

Mark and I went over to AFCD armed with multiple leashes to take the dogs out, expecting that they would put up a fight, but they were actually very sweet and gentle. Amazing really, and also quite a relief.

We’ve had these Chung Hom Kok collies before when they were picked up as puppies.  It would be very hard to tell them apart, their “look” is so distinct.

I also wanted to take out a young and good looking bull terrier, but after getting him out of his kennel and seeing his typical bull terrier reaction to the other dogs, I changed my mind. Sadly bull terriers aren’t usually great with other dogs, although fantastic with people, and this boy was no exception.

I ended up taking an older collie, now called Rory, and the chihuahua who’s been there a long time (now called Monty). We’ll try to get Monty a foster home at least, as kennels are no place for a chihuahua.

A puppy that was adopted from Whiskers’n’Paws recently was returned today. Toto, one of the Whippety Dog pups, had done nothing wrong but it was that age-old problem of having a toddler and a puppy at the same time. If there’s one guarantee in life, it’s that puppies will use their teeth on toddlers and there will be tears. What can be more tempting to a puppy than another baby on the ground? It’s not aggression, it’s just that to a puppy there is no difference between another puppy, a kitten, or a human baby. They’re all just potential playmates.

Try as I do to convince adopters with toddlers that a five or six-month old puppy is a much better and safer bet than a baby pup, most people just can’t resist the cute appeal of an eight-week old, and/or they simply don’t listen. By five months a puppy’s teeth are changing from needle sharp daggers to the rounded adult ones, and the inevitable nipping and play attacks will have stopped. I have so many really lovely and sweet six month-ers who would be great with toddlers. If only ……..

This was one of the previous litters.  Big and beautful, even as a baby

This was one of the previous Chung Hom Kok litters. Big and beautful, even as a baby


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