Monday 12th October: HKDR on the map!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I got a taxi from the Aberdeen office to the kennels after having picked up the mail, and as usual asked to go to Cyberport. On Victoria Road I told the driver to stop so I could walk down the hill rather than drive round to the entrance, and the taxi driver asked, “Are you going to the dog rescue?” Yes! When taxi drivers know you, you’re on the map.

I had an appointment to meet the distributor of Dyson vacuum cleaners, a brand that’s new to Hong Kong but is very well known in the UK. It’s also a name that holds fond memories for me as my mother used to have a Dyson, and after she died and I went to England to sort out her house there was only one thing that I took, and that was the vacuum cleaner. I know, it’s funny, but I couldn’t think of anything else that I could either use or which I wanted. As it was an upright model, it was a bit like travelling with a dead body and was a great conversation starter. It didn’t survive the journey though, so I was never able to use it. Now Dyson are donating the latest model to HKDR, and there will be one in our raffle too. This King of Vacuum Cleaners is designed not to clog up with dog hairs, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

After that meeting I sped to AFCD to check out new dogs, although I didn’t have time to take any out. I just needed to earmark the ones that I would be back for tomorrow. I had another appointment at the Inland Revenue office where I needed to sign the HKDR accounts that we had submitted a couple of months ago, and which we had omitted to sign. You may have read or heard about the government’s crackdown on ‘rogue’ charities, and HKDR and others were requested some time back to submit a full set of accounts (and also to AFCD).

Since the very first days of HKDR back in 2002, when there was just two of us taking dogs from AFCD and re-homing them, there have always been accounts kept. It was very basic and easy back then, and we now need a proper certified accountant to handle everything (volunteer, of course), but every donation and every payment is properly recorded and accounted for.  Even without looking I can tell you that vet bills are our biggest cost, closely followed by food.  Those pesky dogs will insist on eating.

Back at the kennels, Benji and Cosmo are now competing to be the cutest dog in the office, and there’s a rivalry building. Pet one and the other will be there in a nano second. Alice reckons Cosmo is the cutest, while I’m for Benji. It’s a tough call as they’re both gorgeous and funny.


I finally got some photos from Saturday’s Bloomberg party, including one of Laura being mugged by Lewis the incredibly friendly pug.  Check this out: 

Come on, Laura, give us a kiss.....

Come on, Laura, give us a kiss.....

Just to wrap up today’s entry, don’t forget that all of the latest HKDR products are now available at the kennels, including the 2010 Diary and Calendar, as well as the complete range of T-shirts.

The diary and calendar are also on sale at Whiskers’n’Paws, and you’ll also be able to buy everything at the many fairs that are coming up.  We’ll be at the HK Parkview fair on Sunday, so come and see us there.


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