Sunday 11th October: Big dog day

After a very long day yesterday it was back to work again for Posy and Hamish, as well as a handful of other puppies, when we braved the choppy sea for the regular Sunday adoption afternoon. Two dogs joined us from kennels, Callum the beagle and Benji the terrier, but there were no adoptions today. Solo, a pretend German Shepherd, was taken home to see if he could be a “brother” for Lucky, a 3-legged doglet adopted from HKDR, but I got a puppy back from foster in return so left with the same number I arrived with.

Now this is what I call cute!

Now this is what I call cute!

Although it’s always disappointing – well, crushing really – not to have any puppies adopted, the dogs that went to new homes from kennels made up for it.

Tomato, the labrador cross who was left behind in an apartment, was adopted just days after she came to us. Now that’s a lucky dog.

Tomato: in and out

Tomato: in and out

But the real result of the day was seeing Josh and Ryan going together. It’s a foster for now, but if everything works out …….. (fingers very tightly crossed for these two boys).

Josh and Ryan, please be good! (all photos today by Mandy Chu)

Josh and Ryan, please be good! (all photos today by Mandy Chu)

Lovely pom, Scrunchie, has also gone off to a new home, but I knew it wouldn’t take long as he’s a real sweetie. Now my project is to find the perfect home for Benji.

One of the very old shih tzus from Lamma had to be rushed to hospital in the morning when what started out as a very small scratch on his face suddenly opened up to reveal the dreaded screw worm infection. Even though outwardly a cut or a hole can appear very small, the disgusting maggots are busy eating away inside, and this is what had happened to Charlie. The face is the worst place for this to happen as the maggots can eat inwards before they become evident, but hopefully Charlie will be OK. He’s so much a part of the furniture that he’s easy to overlook, but he keeps on going as many of the small dogs do, easily outliving their larger cousins.

Oona’s pups have settled well except for the one “Monkey pup” who has inherited both her mother’s face and character.  She’s a really pretty girl with thick curls and a short tail, but while the others join in with the enthusiastic puppy greetings, Gala is very unsure.  I’ve moved her in with the younger pups to try and boost her confidence, as the last thing I want is to have another scaredy dog at home.

Gala, so cute but still timid

Gala, so cute but still timid


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