Saturday 10th October: Almost a day at Disneyland

HKDR was invited to participate in the annual Bloomberg Party once again, and this year’s venue was Disneyland. Or that’s what I had in mind when I first got the details, but it turned out to be a vacant piece of land which lies between the two Disneyland hotels, and where the third hotel will eventually be built. It was a perfect day for an outdoor event, and a great venue. I couldn’t help but think what a great spot it would be for a kennel site, but in my dreams.

Along with volunteers Mel and Laura (for which many thanks), there were four other participants in the shape of pug Lewis, and puppies Pingu, Hamish and Posy. I couldn’t have chosen better ambassadors other than the fact that they were unwilling to go for walks, this being the first time the pups had ever worn a harness and leash. They did, however, allow themselves to be picked up, cuddled, photographed and anything else without complaint. They also enjoyed long snoozes in the sun and, being puppies, anywhere and at any time. (I’m waiting for the photos from Laura of Posy fast asleep in a bowl of water!)

It was a very long day, from midday until 7pm, but enjoyable and successful, as Lewis found himself a home, and I think we have a few potential puppy adopters.

It was also our first time at the Shun Tak Centre today, and a very successful one too. We’ll be back there on 24th October, another Saturday, so keep that date in mind if you’re going to be out shopping, or want to get your Peak to Fong tickets or 2010 diaries and calendars.

As predicted, our lovely golden retrievers didn’t have to wait long for new homes, and Gideon, Copper and Della have all been adopted. I had wanted to take pom Scrunchie and terrier Benji to the Bloomberg party, but didn’t want them to miss the chance of finding a home. In the end they didn’t get adopted, although I couldn’t think of two nicer little dogs. Well, except maybe pugs Lewis and Leona, but with Lewis offered a home today and Leona having gone to a foster home, their need isn’t as urgent.

I forgot to mention that Pingu also worked his charm on Mel today, and while I headed back to Lamma with Lewis and the other two pups at the end of the day, Pingu was about to start the next phase of his life as a foster pup. He won’t take long to home.


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