Friday 9th October: Warehouse day

There seems to be less and less time to do dog “things” these days, as I get so tied up with events and other stuff.  Today was a full day at the warehouse sorting stock for tomorrow’s Shun Tak Centre table, plus toys for Peak to Fong.  Mark had collected all the remaining stock from Lane Crawford and brought it to the warehouse, so he spent the day counting and sorting too.  Thanks to Paula (who’ll be in charge at Shun Tak Centre) and Linda (who’s the main organiser for Peak to Fong) for volunteering to help, especially as I had to leave at 5pm and there were boxes and boxes still to be sorted and put back in place.

I had arranged for puppies to be brought over for vaccination, including Pingu, the only remaining member of the second edition Lorry Pups.  I had thought he’d be one of the first to go because of his small size, but as he’s grown I suspected there was something not quite right with his stumpy little legs, and he was starting to suit his name rather too much.  Although quite happy and a lovely little guy, Pingu’s back legs did make him walk a bit like a penguin.  The vet had a feel and agreed that the structure of the legs was very strange, and a X-ray has been scheduled for next week.  It’s clear that this is something that Pingu was born with and it’s unlikely that any surgery would help, but at least I’ll know what’s going on and whether there’ll be any problems in the future.

It’s been a dry week for adoptions, especially compared with the highs of last week, so I was very happy to learn that Gideon, the new golden retriever boy, had been adopted.  Another new dog, Elspeth the pom, also has a home. So at least that’s two dogs that we don’t have to worry about any more.

There’s also news that the pom, Otto, who had the useless back legs has had a successful operation on one of them.  It was a difficult and complicated surgery, but once this leg has had time to heal, the second leg can also be operated on and then Otto should be able to run around normally.  He’s only 11 months old, and is a real sweetheart.  He has a foster home to go to so will be well cared for throughout his recovery.

Also doing well in foster is Terra, the Yorkshire terrier who was surrendered as a healthy dog but turned out to be anything but.  The good news is that the suspected tumour wasn’t anything serious, and Terra is now back to full health and ready for homing.

We’re often asked about fostering and what’s involved, and while not all dogs are as sick as Terra, or as fragile as Otto, having homes that can take care of post-surgery cases, or small dogs that just can’t handle being at kennels, is vital to our succesful foster/homing programme.  The new chihuahua that I took out of AFCD on Wednesday went straight into a foster home where she’ll learn to live a normal life.  She’s obviously been so sheltered that she’s terrified of everything.  If you can help by fostering a dog or baby puppy, please contact Maria at

I’ve already given up on my new mobile phone, and now understand why they’re being given away!  I’m happy with my $299 version which makes and receives calls and text messages, and that’s it.


3 Responses to “Friday 9th October: Warehouse day”

  1. Patsy Wang Says:

    Elspeth, now renamed “Zoey” is doing fine one day after surgery – walking, eating, pooing and weeing normally!

  2. Nina & Adam Says:

    Dear Sally and HKDR Team,

    Thank you so much to everyone for all your time and effort with helping us to adopt ‘Gideon’ now ‘Aslan’ :).

    He is doing very well settling into his new home in Shek O and we cannot stop smiling having him as a part of our little ‘family’. He is such a great character and a wonderful dog that has already brought so much love and joy into our lives. Photos and updates to follow…

    There are so many fantastic dogs at HKDR and we wish you lots of luck with all the adoptions over the weekend. Hope that everyone else can experience the same excitement and pleasure of sharing their homes and hearts with these magnificent dogs!!

    We are looking forward to becoming part of the Volunteer Team!

    Nina and Adam x

  3. Norma M Says:

    To Nina and Adam, many thanks and we look forward to you becoming part of our volunteer team. If you would like to get in touch with another lovely volunteer also living in Shek O with two of our adorable dogs you can contact me and I will put you in touch. It may be easier to co-ordinate your shifts also and make new friends in your area.(

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