Thursday 8th October: Relative calm

After the madness of the last couple of days, today was relatively quiet although there was yet another new dog arrival. I was told this lovely (black) retriever or labrador cross had been left behind in an apartment when the owners moved out, another case of this alarming trend. Her name (in Chinese) is Potato.

So, our presence at Lane Crawford has come to an end and there’s just the counting left to do. The T-shirts, calendars, diaries etc will now be available from other venues including the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws on a daily basis, and at the various fairs as they come around. This Saturday you’ll find us at the Shun Tak Centre (Macau Ferry terminal building) on the second floor, close to Starbucks and other fast food outlets (very handy for the volunteers). The Peak to Fong tickets will also be available from all outlets, and still online of course. Sales have been going really well and although it sounds like a sales ploy, there were a lot of disappointed people last year so please don’t leave it until the last minute if you want to be part of the party on 29th November.

I’m watching the puppies playing as I type this entry, and it’s so lovely to see them change from scared little creatures to happy ones. Jenna and Johnnie are the two I picked up on Tuesday (and who pooed all over me), and apart from being very cute they’re now very relaxed, and having a great time running around and wrestling with the others. Jenna in particular is very unusual and pretty, with a mink-coloured coat and black markings on her pointed nose. Johnnie has big shoes to fill after having been given that name. Johnnie No 1 was a huge character and presence in the house.

We have a kennel full of such gorgeous dogs right now. It’s funny how things go in waves, such as certain breeds all coming at once. Like buses, there’s either none or a whole bunch. Right now we have four Westies, and have recently homed three others, including the two puppies. We also have golden retrievers coming in faster than they’re going out. It’s very unusual for the young purebreeds to be with us longer than a day or two, so I hope this weekend sees some movement.

My favourite newcomer is the funny terrier cross, Benji. What a cutie, and what a character! I can’t help but laugh at his adorably cheeky face. There are so many dogs I’d choose to take home if I was looking to adopt, but I usually end up with the rejects.

Some happy news to report before I finish, it seems that blind dog Zachary will be staying with his family after all.  I’m sure that will be a huge weight off the minds of the volunteers who knew and loved Zach.


One Response to “Thursday 8th October: Relative calm”

  1. Norma M Says:

    So glad to hear that Zach will be staying with his family.
    Another lovely little boy is ‘Scrunchie’ although still has raging hormones. Having now been de-sexed he should settle down soon. He is trained and will sit without command, at just the sight of his leash. What a lovely little guy!
    The Westies all have sweet and loveable natures so should also find homes quickly but don’t over look the lovely multi breeds who always seem to have the best of temperaments.

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