Wednesday 7th October: 2 gadgets, 4 dogs and 2 funerals


I love this photo taken last week by volunteer Vivian. It's Teddy, Derek and Tofu in the lake.

I love this photo taken last week by volunteer Vivian. It's Teddy, Derek and Tofu in the lake.

I had to be up and about early again so that the dogs were walked by the time the crew arrived from TVB Pearl, so by 10.30am I was washed and brushed and ready. They wanted to film while walking some dogs, so I took a few delinquents from the other house as mine had already been out. Derek was first through the gate as always, then it was labradoodle Teddy, Zip the Jack Russell, and Mina the sharpei cross (who’s not a delinquent at all, but she refuses to walk on a leash).


 I’m so used to the daily walk that I forget it’s a steep uphill climb before you drop down on the other side of the mountain into the quarry, and the two guys were also carrying heavy camera equipment so it was fairly slow going. We finally made it into the quarry itself and there was time spent filming the dogs playing in the lake, which they absolutely love. Then it was time for the actual interview and I was hooked up for recording……… which was when the helicopter arrived. It was carrying building material from a barge to a site up on the mountain, so was clearly going to be around for a while. Recording was impossible, so we ended up going back to the bay and doing the interview in front of the temple on the beach.

 While Derek splashed happily in the sea (which he would do all day if he could), Teddy sat by my side, leaning against me affectionately. I realised later that a labradoodle wasn’t the dog I would have chosen to be in the shot, but they are after all just crossbreeds. (The programme is due to be aired on Sunday 1st November).

Once finished I was free to go to the kennels, via Aberdeen where I picked up a new free phone for renewing my monthly plan with Smartone. Thank you very much, but I have no idea how to use it having had the cheapest and most basic models up until now!

Arriving at kennels, I also found the Computer Fairy had left me a cordless mouse. Hooray, no more worries about the rats eating the cable at night.  Thank you whoever you are.

The three Westies we had been expecting had also arrived. As with the other two that we recently got, these poor dogs had been found abandoned in a country park, and may even have been from the same place (clearly a breeder from the condition of the oldest female). It’s impossible not to wish something awful on people who can do that, to simply dump dogs in the middle of nowhere, especially the small breeds. These Westies were incredibly lucky to have been found by someone.

Not knowing when I would be arriving at kennels. I had asked Kathy to take the chihuahua out of AFCD that I had missed yesterday. I forget what these tiny dogs can be like and Kathy came back empty handed, unable to handle the angry midget. You have to laugh seeing these tiny gladiators fighting mad, but you can’t ignore the fact that they can still do some damage. It’s fear, of course, that makes a dog react like this, and being so small it must be terrifying having a strange person approach, with no idea about what their intentions are. I use the same techniques on chihuahuas as I do for large dogs, and once I had the leash looped round the neck it was easy.





There were two deaths today, both totally unexpected. One was Willow (not my Lorry pup), an adorable terrier/schnauzer who had come from a breeder in poor condition, but was doing very well in a foster home. Without any obvious reason or hint that she wasn’t well, she had died overnight and was found, cold and stiff, by her foster in the morning. A post mortem would be pointless, so we will never know what happened.




Spats, so sorry to lose you

Spats, so sorry to lose you

The second death was a tragic loss. Doglet Spats was found dead in the field that he shared with other doglets, and whatever had happened seemed to have been recent as his body was still warm. These incidents hit everyone hard, and even knowing that it was nobody’s fault it leaves a terrible feeling of sadness.



Dear Spats and Willow, I hope you are both playing happily now. Rest in peace.


6 Responses to “Wednesday 7th October: 2 gadgets, 4 dogs and 2 funerals”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    oh, spats…you would have grown into a wonderful dog…R.I.P. both.

    just marked my calendar with reminder setup re the pearl report. i seriously have trouble remembering when something will be shown on tv. can’t wait to see the stars on tv. teddy, tofu, and derek have a “fetching club”.

  2. michelle Says:

    my dear spats, i still remember when i took you out of AFCD on your first day, how happy you were to get out. i’m glad you’ve had such an amazing time at the kennels (and i do hope you enjoyed it as well), and please be happy at rainbow bridge with willow and all our other friends that are there.

    can’t wait for the pearl report! will watch from toronto if someone can upload to youtube =)

    missing you and all of the dogs!

  3. Wi Ki Says:

    Dearest Spats

    I will miss walking you and playing with you. RIP.

  4. Diana Says:

    Vivian, Michelle, you can watch replay on Click MyTV.

  5. Abby and Lou Says:

    I’m catching up on your blog while in New Zealand and I’m so sad to read about Spats. He was a great dog and I can’t believe he was still with us at the kennels. I will miss you sweet little Spats. And Willow, that was very unexpected…

  6. shirley Says:

    rip spats,
    you were amazing and so affectionate 😥

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