Tuesday 6th October: An unexpected delivery

I arrived late at kennels as I had to do my monthly accounts, so ran straight to AFCD to pick up the two pups I had seen there yesterday. Of course there were now other new dogs that I spotted, as there always is. A small chihuahua had been surrendered, as well as a very unusual bull terrier. Unusual in colouring, that is, so I suspect it’s either a cross or a one-of-a-kind.

I picked up the two pups and said I would be back for the chihuahua, hating to leave such a small and vulnerable dog behind, but when I got to our kennels I found an unexpected delivery of six new dogs from another AFCD kennel. It’s not that I didn’t know about these dogs and that they would be coming at some point soon, but I didn’t know it was today (or had forgotten).

So suddenly it was complete mayhem as all dogs had to be signed in and weighed at the vet clinic, and then given a body check, vaccination, blood taken and Proheart injections given. I not only had the two small pups I had just picked up, but also Crunchie, Cinder and French bulldog, Frisbee, who had come over from Lamma for their final vaccinations.

The six from AFCD Shatin were two pugs, a pom, a golden retriever hardly more than a puppy, a sheltie and a German shepherd cross puppy. She was so scared that she pooed all over the clinic floor, scattering her fear around as she struggled to be free. That was nothing to me, as I had just been on the receiving end of the baby pups’ fear, and my jeans and T-shirt had large, brown, stinky stains on them anyway.

As we all joined in to hold, weigh, subdue and admire the new arrivals, a potential adopter came to see yesterday’s intake, Scrunchie and Benji. Scrunchie had just been desexed, but was as charming and enchanting as could be, as was Benji. The would-be adopter loved both of them, and the new pom girl Elspeth, but her dog just wouldn’t cooperate and spent the entire time engrossed in one lamp post and the many smells that surrounded it.

We agreed to a home play date the following day (a stone’s throw away in Bel Air), so I was left to sort out what to do with everyone. Poor Scrunchie got allocated the Bear Cage, while Elspeth moved into the office (the only girl so she’ll be welcome). The two pugs came back to Lamma, while the scared German shepherd was put with our two kennel pups. Selina the sheltie is sharing a kennel with others, and Gideon the young golden retriever will have a bed between the two inner gates. This is actually the best spot as it’s spacious, but only non-barkers are allowed to sleep there.

What a crazy afternoon. All other plans and things that I had meant to do went completely out of the window. I got home to find letters I hadn’t posted, forms I hadn’t filled in, and a whole slew of other forgotten paperwork. I hope I can find time tomorrow, as TVB Pearl is coming to film for the Pearl Report. What ends up as two seconds of actual shown footage can means hours of filming, 99% of which will never be seen. Still, it’s worth it, so tomorrow will be a very early start.



3 Responses to “Tuesday 6th October: An unexpected delivery”

  1. Diana Says:

    Please let me know when that Pearl Report on HKDR will come on air. I’ll make sure I watch it.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Elspeth has not been in the office long. Today she went on trial adoption and hope she finds her forever home.
    I do not normally rant on about things but need to again remind everyone of the terrible plight of ‘puppy mill dogs’. Please tell all your friends, family and colleagues not to buy from pet shops and breeders. We see so many lovely ‘pure breeds’ abandoned in Country Parks when they are no longer of any commercial use to the breeder. This is terrible, just thrown away. The recent case of the sick puppies dumped in the trash and another of a beautiful Sheltie boy named Arthur now at our kennels, abandoned when the owners moved house. I cannot print how I feel about these uncaring people.
    Please think about these things before rushing off to buy a puppy. We have many lovely pure breeds and really beautiful multi breeds. Sweet and gentle and deserving of better treatment.

  3. Doris L Says:

    Please let me know when the Pearl Report will be on air. I want to video tape it as teaching material for my students.

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