Monday 5th October: P2F Tickets now available

Yes, it’s all happening fast now.  After I mentioned the Peak to Fong online ticket sales in yesterday’s post, there was an immediate response.  The countdown has begun…….

There’s also only three days left at Lane Crawford, Thursday being the final day, but if you come then we won’t be in the same spot as they have to move us to set up the new display.  Everything is fully re-stocked after the weekend so you can get all sizes of T-shirts, including the stretch vest which took longer to get priced and out on display.

There’s a bit of a problem with two of Oona’s girl pups, as they have taken an intense dislike to each other.  It may seem strange that they have developed these feelings at such a tender age, but I have seen it before in two of the male doglets, Sumo and Chip.  They also loathe each other and always have.

The first time Oona’s girls had a fight I thought it was just one of those things and simply separated them and ignored it.  However, I was woken in the night by sounds of a real battle, and pulling the two apart wasn’t easy. Since then I have had to give them ‘time out’ on a couple of occasions, and suspect that this rivalry might be set for life.  They are both absolutely fine with all the other pups and play happily, but together they’re dynamite.

This is a seriously cute little dog!

This is a seriously cute little dog!

I made my traditional Monday trip to AFCD kennels, and found the cutest little terrier mix in there.  He had been surrendered because his owners found him difficult to train.  I have no idea what that means, as he’s an absolute sweetheart and still very young.  I know a few people who would snatch him from my arms if they saw him, as he has that adorable underbite and “Disney” cuteness and charm.  I called him Benji, which is totally unoriginal but will give people an idea of what he looks like.  If he’s not snapped up very quickly I’ll eat my (non-existent) hat.

Another little charmer that I took was Scrunchie, a shaved pom that I’d reserved last week.  I thought he was old because his haircut made him look that way but, no, he’s also a youngster, and a lively one at that.  No more than a year old,  he has a great temperament and one scrunched up ear which is usually the result of aural haematoma (when the ear flap fills with blood and gets fat).  Again I doubt that Scrunchie will be with us for long as he’s a great little guy.

Of course there were the inevitable puppies, but at least only three of them. I took the singleton today and will take the pair tomorrow.

Taking my cue from David Letterman, who confessed all so that any accusations about him would lose their impact, I thought I’d also make public some facts which are regular food for anti-HKDR gossipers.  I’ve said all this before, many times in fact, but every now and then the same old stuff re-surfaces.

The main one is “HKDR has too many dogs”.  Yep, we certainly do, and this is what I have to say over and over again when I get yet another call or email from someone who wants to surrender their dog, or has found puppies that need a home.  We are full to capacity, over-full in fact, and I have to say “no, sorry” many more times that I’m able to say “yes”. 

Why do I say “yes” at all when we have already have so many dogs?  Because I do this work for a reason, and that is to try and save as many lives as possible.  In almost every case the dog is the victim of human selfishness and thoughtlessness, with a few genuine, sad stories thrown in.  I don’t want to be part of a system that simply turns away and allows these dogs to be killed. Being a No Kill organisation means more than not killing the dogs that we have in our care, it also means not walking away from those who need help just because we are full.  If I go to AFCD and see lovely, homeable dogs, should I just leave them there to die?  Dogs like Benji and Scrunchie, who will find homes very quickly?  In my book, if I did that then I couldn’t say HKDR was No Kill, because I would be letting dogs die for no reason other than for the few days they are with us, it will be a stretch to fit them in.

Yes, we have too many dogs, but with very few exceptions (like Mabel, who we found another place for), our dogs are happy.  They may have to share their space, but they aren’t locked up all day, they are walked outside twice daily, and they are loved.

So next time you hear someone say “HKDR has too many dogs”, you can just say yes, they know.


3 Responses to “Monday 5th October: P2F Tickets now available”

  1. Norma M Says:

    Just when I thought we were going to be privy to some juicy gossip that someone was blackmailing you on!
    But on a serious note, could not agree with you more about the dogs. Yes, we all know there are too many but they sure are loved and cared for and they deserve good homes and a chance in life.

  2. Diana Says:

    If people could be less selfish and had more respect for life, there would be fewer dogs being abandoned and ended up in shelters.

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    HKDR has too many dogs because people keep buying dogs they are not prepared to keep and take care for life, and people keep not desexing their dogs and all these lovely puppies (while we are blessed with their birth) are born and face uncertainty in life. Sometimes they find great homes and sometimes they don’t. People think you need to let your female dog have a litter before being desexed. Some people think desexing changes the dog’s personality. What we KNOW is that we have many dogs needing homes because society keeps supporting puppy mills, taking “pride” in having purebreed dogs (even though they are being bred by irresponsible people who are breeding because of the breed’s popularity or the dog is cute, regardless of the dog’s actual health and temperament)…Having a dog is for LIFE and yes Life throws all of us curveballs but you wouldn’t get rid of your kids because it’s not convenient or just too hard…

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