Sunday 4th October: Five puppies homed

I  woke feeling like death and dragged myself to the computer only to find the rats had ignored the poison bait and gone for the mouse cable instead.  Is there something about rats and mouse cables, and is the plural mice?

Anyway, I had a spare luckily, so was able to work normally although I tried several times to post the blog entry and each time photos disappeared as well as text, so maybe there’s more than just a mouse cable eaten. Let’s see what happens today.

I knew that there would be at least one adoption at Whiskers’n’Paws today as the chocolate labrador puppy had a family waiting, and they were already there when I arrived.  It was love at first sight from both sides, as the puppy gave everyone a good licking, and at least this time round I know he’ll have a home for life.

The store was packed as usual, and stripy lorry pup, Grace, was quick to go. It was perfect timing as for the previous two nights she’d been climbing out of the puppy enclosure and insisting on being free in my bedroom. The last thing I need is another set of puppy teeth ravaging my furniture.

Grace’s brother, Scout, was also chosen, leaving only stubby-legged Pingu from the second edition of Lorry Pups without a home.  I thought he’d be the first to go as he looks a bit like a hefty dachshund with his long body and short legs.

Abigail, so pretty

Abigail, so pretty

I was just about to pack up and leave when two last-minute adopters made their decisions: Toto, the black and white, multi-toed whippety dog, and Abigail, a beautiful fluffy girl.  So including the labrador puppy the total today was five puppies, a good result to match yesterday doglet adoptions at kennels.  It’s been a great weekend.



There always seems to be some sad news too, and this time it’s about Jungle, the older golden retriever boy who’s been in foster since we got him. Although he’d been doing incredibly well, he started showing signs of pain and was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His wonderful foster, Doris, was kind enough to take him for his final trip to the vet and to hold him while he went to sleep for the last time.

I also heard from the Lane Crawford volunteers that we had already sold out of some of the sizes in stock for the regular T-shirts.  These have the Peak to Fong image on them (and look great, I should add), and although they’re not officially part of this year’s event we’re hoping that most participants will want to wear one on the day.   Don’t worry, we have more stock to re-fill, but it does look like these T-shirts are moving fast so please buy before they all go if you were planning on getting one.

Ticket sales for Peak to Fong are now available online (click here to reserve yours now), it’s quick and easy to reserve your place this way.  You’ll still need to redeem the ticket for the official goody-stuffed backpack before 29th November, but there will be several outlets where you’ll be able to do this (and they will be announced once we have the backpacks ready to go).


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