Saturday 3rd October: Great day for doglets




Lovely Kay, adopted today

Lovely Kay, adopted today

It’s been a great couple of days for the doglets at kennels. On Friday Rafferty was adopted (one of the ex-bedroom pups), then today Karina, Diana and Kay. All of them lovely dogs, and I’m sure their new families will be very happy with them. Now I can move a couple of the older puppies still with me over to kennels, and I have plenty of stock. 
Added to that, the rats are back in force. They chew through at least one cable every night, and gather piles of dog biscuits to stash behind the computer. Not only that, but I found another hiding place in a storage room, where there were a pile of half-eaten nightlight candles (that you use for oil burners), and a collection of my underwear. As if Minky & Co destroying my bras wasn’t enough, now the rats are stealing my knickers. I have an image in my mind of baby rats asking Mama Rat what’s for dinner? Candle wax and underwear. Yay, my favourite!

It hasn’t been such a great day on Lamma though. To start with I have tonsilitis, something that used to plague me as a child but which I haven’t had since my late teens. I happened to have shared this uninteresting piece of information with with a friend, and wouldn’t you know it, the very next day half my throat was closed. I haven’t been ill in so long I can’t even remember the last time, but I know now to keep my mouth shut.

So although I meant to spend the day at home resting, I made a trip to Aberdeen to buy painkillers for my throat, and rat poison for the furry pests. Enough is enough.

The labrador puppy is with me until Sunday when he’ll be picked up from Whiskers’n’Paws, and at first I put him with Oona’s pups. Then I heard him coughing. Damn and drat, kennel cough, and now he’ll infect all the others.

The only place I could put him was with Minky and Sparkle and they give him a pretty hard time of course, but it’s only one more day. He’s cute, of course, but I think my mixes are far nicer.


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