Friday 2nd October: Lots of things

Some days are fairly routine and it’s difficult to come up with something interesting for the blog, but days like today are just the opposite. There’s so much to write about I don’t know if I’ll get it all in.

Starting with the dogs (as they are always the priority), news from CAF about Mabel the sharpei is good. She’s found herself a boyfriend, another sharpei of course, and moved herself in with him. It must have been love at first sight, and I’m so happy that she’s obviously happy. 


Goodbye Zita

Goodbye Zita

Less good news about a small French bulldog girl adopted from HKDR about two tears (whoops, Freudian slip, I mean years) ago. Zita was another victim of a car accident and was killed instantly. She was out (with her big dog friend) for a night time toilet trip and got hit by a taxi that came too fast round a corner. Poor Zita, another young dog that went too soon.


A puppy was taken from Dog Island, the small island in my bay which is where many abandoned dogs came from, including Missy (short-legged German Shepherd cross) and Misto (almost a rottweiler), and their son, Bart. Missy and Misto had two or three litters before I could get them off the island, and of Bart’s litter several pups were taken by the local fish farmers before I could get the rest.

Without doubt the puppies that were taken weren’t desexed, and I’m surprised any even survived as they were very young, but there’s no doubt that the new puppy is a descendant of Missy and Misto. The tail has been completely docked to look like a rottie, but the face is undoubtedly Bart’s. I called this sweet girl Mistral, and she’s already happily playing with her many new “brothers” and “sisters” on Lamma.

Saving the best dog story for last, a man called about surrendering a puppy. Nothing new there, except this puppy was a chocolate labrador which was bought from a pet shop on Monday for $11,800. The man had also bought half the pet shop, and must have made the sales assistant’s day. Also cashing in was the vet, as the puppy arrived at kennels with bags of pills to “help its growth”. After four days of taking care of his new puppy, the owner decided it “didn’t suit his lifestyle”, and didn’t want it any more. Before anyone rushes to adopt this little guy, he’s already been spoken for.

So to all those who buy from pet shops and breeders because they think that shelters and rescue organisations only have mongrels (the best breed of all), we’ve just homed a 3-month chocolate labrador, and in the past week (from AFCD) a French bulldog puppy, two Westie puppies and a dachshund puppy.






One of Oona's pups, the only one remotely like her

One of Oona's pups, the only one remotely like her

It was vaccination day for Oona’s puppies (four of them) as well as Olive and her litter (five) plus the new Island Pup, Mistral. Added to that the labrador was also due his second vaccination, so it was full house at the vet clinic. While they were all waiting, I ran to AFCD to make sure I wasn’t missing any new dogs that needed to get out urgently, and left with an older puppy I’d reserved earlier. This totally gorgeous girl was difficult to microchip because she kept rolling on her back to have her tummy tickled, while waving her legs in the air and generally entertaining everyone around. She’s almost certainly a large part German Shepherd, not just because of her very large size, but everything about her nature, looks and personality fits the breed. Her name is now Floris, and the adopter of this 5-month puppy will get a super-special dog.




 Now that the organisation part of Lane Crawford is over, the Peak to Fong event has stepped up a few gears and tickets will go on sale any day now. It’s already October which means the event is next month, and as we sold out so early on last year we need to make sure we have everything in place in good time. We’re still getting fantastic prizes coming in, with lots of giveaways too, so the backpacks that will be the tickets for this year are going to be full.

Ticket sales will start online, and can then be redeemed at several outlets for the backpacks once they are available and have been stuffed with goodies. We’ll also be selling tickets at the many fairs and stalls that we have planned from now until Christmas (there, that word has already crept in!) starting with the Shun Tak Centre (Macau Ferry terminal building) on Saturday 10th October. This venue will be a regular spot for us from now on, and should be convenient for most people to get to. Watch this space and the website for news and updates as they happen ……..


One Response to “Friday 2nd October: Lots of things”

  1. Pei Says:

    I get that a lot while walking Taffy (Butterfly) and Gizmo (Pudgy)…”what do you mean you adopted them, I didn’t know they had such cute/purebred/well-behaved dogs there”…funny how so many people don’t realize that gems come in every way shape and form…and it’s love and caring that turns even the roughest stone into a diamond…

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