Thursday 1st October: Minky’s new game

Pug Celia heads off to a new foster home today. She has to have the saddest face I’ve ever seen, and she’s not a happy dog for sure. From the bald spots on her haunches it’s almost certain she was kept in a very small cage, and I’m so happy for her that she was abandoned by her ex-owner. She’s microchipped so not legally ready for adoption as the owner needs to be traced and Celia officially surrendered, but she’ll be happy in her foster home, I hope.

We’re not sure if today’s going to be busy or quiet at both the kennels and Lane Crawford. Will people go shopping, or watch the National Day parade? The T-shirts are finally in place and available, so we have a full table of goodies now. (I did some research and found that our T-shirts are by far the best around, and the best value too!)

Looks great on a body as opposed to a hanger!

Looks great on a body as opposed to a hanger!

After dropping Celia off with her new fosterers, I decide to check out the scene at Pacific Place and stay for an hour or so manning the HKDR table. It’s pretty slow, and I have time to people watch. I’m reminded of what it’s like to be on the other side of the counter, having owned and run a shop for nine years myself, and how demoralising it can be when you’re ignored, and even avoided.

The cap sleeve stretch T-shirt

The cap sleeve stretch T-shirt

There’s an expat couple yelling and shouting at one of the staff, and the manager is called in on his day off. I’ve got to know several of the department crew and they’re great guys, and I make a promise to myself to remember that smiling and saying thank you to shop staff costs nothing.


OK, having got that off my chest, I have another issue to deal with when I get home. Minky and her new accomplice, Zeb, are caught red-pawed in the middle of their new game of Seek and Destroy Sally’s Bras. The rules of the game are to find as many bras as possible (from the laundry basket), lay them out on the bed, and then shred. This isn’t the first time I’ve found the evidence, but this time I catch them at it and I’m not amused, in fact I blow my top. The only faintly funny thing about it is the way the individual bras are laid out so neatly on the bed, each one displayed as though in a shop window. These two are quite the little artists.

I hear squealing from the top floor and think that Oona’s pups are beating up the smaller ones, but no, it’s the smaller ones beating up Ernie, the baby singleton. I still can’t get over the size difference between the various pups, but I’m assured that Oona gave birth on 8th August, which means her lot are only, but not even quite, eight weeks old. I gave them a good all-over spritzing of Frontline in the morning, having discovered that they were – not surprisingly – crawling with fleas.

For some reason I’m having problems replying to comments posted on the blog, so in response to the questions about the vets who performed the desexing surgery on Yorkie Lilibet, and the Caesarian on Summer, I obviously have no idea who the vets would be.  What I do know from having seen stump pyometra several times before and having discussed it with a few vets, is that it’s not very easy to spay a very small dog, or a young puppy (remembering that the uterus itself would be very small), and that leaving behind even a tiny piece of the organ is enough to cause problems.  In Summer’s case, I would say it was either a question of a breeder refusing to let a money-making dog be desexed, or a bad oversight on the part of the vet.  Who knows?


2 Responses to “Thursday 1st October: Minky’s new game”

  1. Natalie Liu Says:

    Dear Sally,

    I found that Izzy’s photo which posted on the adoption column was deleted for a few days. Did Izzy adopted ? If yes, it’s really a great news as she’s a beautiful lady. Izzy is so gentle , she’s really a sweet heart.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Yes, Izzy is adopted. Very happy about that.

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