Wednesday 30th September: Oona and T-shirts

Every day brings new surprises in this line of work. Today’s was the news that Oona, the original Monkey Pup, had five puppies that needed taking from the work site where she lives. I was happy to hear that Oona was still alive and (reasonably) well, but frustated about the puppies. If only we could catch Oona and get her desexed, but she’s too smart for that. She’s been picked up twice by AFCD since she was first caught, and I’m sure she’s too wise to fall for any old trap trick now.

I was told the puppies were six weeks old and at least they were people-friendly, having been fed by the cleaner at the work site. When I got to the kennels I found Kathy and Alice had already gone to collect the pups, so I ran to join them. There were four of the puppies in a cardboard box, the fifth having hidden itself away somewhere. Oona was standing close by, far enough away to be out of reach but close enough to watch what was going on. If dogs could feel relief, I think Oona would be experiencing that feeling as the puppies were already older than six weeks, and also very large. One of them is like a big, black bear and already looks as though he’s going to be a giant.

Between the three of us we carried the four pups back to kennels and put them in the Bear Cage, which had luckily just been vacated by sharpei Mabel, who has now gone to CAF (Companion Animal Federation) to wait for a new home. Alice took the giant, and by the time we reached the kennels was already staggering under the weight of him. I can’t imagine who the father is, as Oona is a medium-sized dog like all of the Monkey dogs.

As we reached the kennels with the puppies, the rain started and continued for the rest of the afternoon. I took on the job of putting calendars in envelopes for posting, so at least I was indoors, while Mark had an orientation session for new volunteers. I was impressed that any turned up, as by now the rain was heavy.

We were all waiting for the T-shirt deliveries which had been promised for today. The first batch finally arrived at 6.30pm and needed immediate sorting so they could be taken to Lane Crawford first thing in the morning. The second delivery arrived even later, but at least it wasn’t coming to the kennels so we didn’t have to wait. We now have all the T-shirts, and hopefully they’ll be on sale at Lane Crawford by tomorrow.

The final job of the day was getting Oona’s pups back to Lamma. I hadn’t been expecting more puppies, and really have no space for them, so the only place I could put them was upstairs with the tinies. I really must get the camera sorted so I can try to get a photo of little Olive next to the black giant.

Later: Tiny Techie brain finally figured it out…..

Big Bear sleeping next to Linus or Sylvia (can you see the small pup?)

Big Bear sleeping next to Linus or Sylvia (can you see the small pup?)

Meet baby Olive.  This is when she first arrived weighing 0.9kg

Meet baby Olive. This is when she first arrived weighing 0.9kg


2 Responses to “Wednesday 30th September: Oona and T-shirts”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    Glad to hear that you have the camera sorted out. That is a bear!!

  2. Alice Says:

    I bought one of the t-shirts that has Poppy & Jasper on it today! 🙂 Its really cute!

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