Tuesday 29th September: Two lucky dogs

I thought I was going to be stranded on Lamma again today because of the weather, but it turned out the sampans were still running despite the choppy sea and wind. I’d missed my Monday AFCD visit because of the rain, and not wanting to take in any more dogs when we were trying to get ours into temporary foster homes, so it was my first stop today. I had to go in case there were any emergency cases, that is, baby pups or dogs that needed to see a vet, or small dogs that we could find space for somehow. I left with one very young puppy, Ernie, and a lovely black, fluffy girl puppy who is now called Nancy.

Summer (by Mandy Chu)

Summer (by Mandy Chu)

At the vet, apart from checking and vaccinating the puppies, we talked about other cases that day. The golden retriever girl, Summer, who had come to us from a breeder via another shelter, had gone in to be spayed (desexed) and was found to have recently had a Caesarian, and the stitches on the uterus had still not fully healed. On top of that, she had a cyst the size of a grapefuit, so it was no surprise that the breeder had thrown her out, and sheer luck that she had come to us when she did. She would almost certainly have developed internal infection which would have resulted in death without medical intervention.


Another lucky dog was Lilibet, the Yorkshire terrier that I got out of AFCD last week. Scars on her belly indicated that she was probably already desexed, but she was showing signs of being in season, ie. bleeding and being attractive to male dogs. When she was opened up, it turned out that she had indeed already been spayed but not completely, and the bit that had been left behind had become infected and resulted in what’s called stump pyometra. If this isn’t dealt with promptly, the result is inevitable peritonitis and death, the same fate that would have befallen Summer had she not been operated on.

It’s good to know that two lives were saved today, but it also brings to mind all the others in the same situation who aren’t as lucky as Summer and Lilibet.

Ernie and Nancy came back to Lamma with me and each joined their own age group. Ernie is now sharing with Olive, Sylvia, Linus, Margo and Joshua, although they are bigger now than he is. They will insist on eating and growing, and even Olive, although still small, is no longer the tiny little thing she once was.

I do now have a camera, donated to me by Vivian Chan (thanks Vivian!) but embarrassingly I can’t figure out how to get the pictures onto my computer. It’s a combination of an age thing, and just not being able to read or understand instruction books, and I know I’m not the only one. Why is it that the one thing I want to know just doesn’t seem to be in the book!

Once I have this figured out I’ll get the photos going again.

I almost forgot to mention that Otis’s training with Norma is going well, and he’s made it round the block on a leash a few times now. If you know Otis and his previous total refusal to even wear a collar, let alone walk on a leash, you’ll know why this seemingly unexciting piece of news is really the opposite.

I’m also excited about the imminent arrival of the T-shirts, and they should be in place (at Lane Crawford Home Store) and available by Thursday, just in time for the National Day holiday.  Yay!



3 Responses to “Tuesday 29th September: Two lucky dogs”

  1. Patsy Wang Says:

    I wonder which vets performed those two surgeries, they should probably go back to vet school.

  2. PE Says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which vet(s) did the surgery on Lilibet… and on Summer too.

  3. Diana Says:

    Dear HKDR, if disclosing names of the vets are inconvenient, can you at least tell us where the vet clinics are located?

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