Monday 28th September: Rain again!

I wasted a good part of the day standing in line at the bank again, and it was so cold in there I felt compelled to ask why the air conditioning had to be set at such a low temperature.  The customer services girl could hardly reply her teeth were chattering so much, but she said it was the building management’s fault.  I was very happy that I had a long sleeved top with me while I waited to be able to send the money for the T-shirts, which are due to arrive any day.

We have four styles of T-shirts coming, three of which are for women only (sorry, guys, but at least there’s one regular T-style which you can buy). I’m wearing one in this photo taken at Lane Crawford, but it’s the dud sample and the HKDR will be on the back, with a puppy photo on the front.

Modelling the "must have" T-shirt (there is a long sleeved version too)

Modelling the "must have" T-shirt (there is a long sleeved version too)

The regular T-shirts will have the Peak to Fong logo on the front, and while these aren’t the official P2F giveaways, we hope that as many walkers as possible will be wearing them on the day.  This year, because of size issues in previous years (not having the right size available for everyone), the “ticket” will be a one-size-fits-all backpack filled with goodies.  

Last Lane Crawford note for today: the HKDR mugs are now on sale!

By the time I arrived at kennels the rain was coming down and it was miserable.  I got the usual enthusiastic greeting, especially from the ex-Lamma doglets, and even getting into the office is a battle as all the dogs want to come inside too – and who can blame them?  I want these dogs to get a home of their own so much.  They’re all lovely, sweet and friendly, and I wish I could explain to them why they’re at kennels and not still on Lamma where they grew up.  We get so many requests for specific breeds while these wonderful mixes get passed by.  Every one of them is special to me, because they are special.

Caroline, the latest doglet to come from Lamma

Caroline, the latest doglet to come from Lamma

Caroline is the most recent newcomer to kennels from Lamma.  She is beautiful, soft and sweet, and she needs a home!

Other newcomers are Himalaya, the husky cross who had been living with the two Westies and dachshund puppy.  He’s also a sweetheart.

Big smile for the camera!

Big smile for the camera!

And Larry, who seems to be part boxer (face) and part bulldog (body)…..

Boxer or bulldog?  Larry doesn't care

Boxer or bulldog? Larry doesn't care

Looking at these dogs, all of them only a year old or younger, you wonder why people still go to pet shops to fork out large amounts of money for puppies who are almost certainly sickly, if not actually sick (and/or dying). It doesn’t make sense to me.


One Response to “Monday 28th September: Rain again!”

  1. ivy Says:

    Really looking forward for the HKDR T-shirts!!!

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