Sunday 27th September: Start of “the season”

By the time I arrived at Whiskers’n’Paws at 2pm,  the place was packed and there was an immediate swoop on the younger puppies as they were pulled from their travel crates.  Some of them are born entertainers and seem to enjoy the attention, while first-timers tend to be a little bit shell-shocked, at least to start with.  The star for me was Pingu, one of the second generation Lorry Pups, a very cute little guy with long (fat) body and stumpy legs, like an overfed dachshund.  But it was his brother, Doobie, who was the first to get a home, lucky boy.

There were a lot of questions and a long family discussion before Aero’s adoption paperwork was completed.  She is the one-eyed puppy who charmed many people last Sunday, and almost but not quite got a home that day.  Today was her second time at the adoption afternoon, and I’m very happy that the two young daughters made the choice they did, and was impressed too that they only wanted Aero.

Although there were only two actual adoptions, there were lots of would-be (will be) adopters, and it seems “the season” is finally underway.  By that I mean the time of year that’s traditionally a good one for adoptions, between the end of the long summer break and before Christmas holidays.  Children are back at school, the new intake of expats are starting to get settled, and homes are ready for a puppy.  Hooray!  I can supply everyone and anyone who wants a new four-legged family member.   As always on a Monday, you can check Mandy Chu’s great photoblog for photos of the kennel dogs or the puppies at Whiskers’n’Paws (





We had one dog returned today, lovely beagle Callum, who came to us as an older puppy and was adopted very quickly.  I had warned the adopters about the exercise needs of a this breed, and all of their other quirks, but it seems my warnings fell of deaf ears.  It does beagles no favours that they are incredibly cute as puppies because they are bought as such; a tiny doe-eyed, big eared, cuddly toy.  They then turn into food-obsessed sniffers with huge barks and an appetite for anything, edible or not (everything is edible to a beagle), plus energy and stamina that keeps them running for hours on end without tiring.  When I heard that Callum was being kept in a cage, that was all I needed to know before telling the adopters to bring him back immediately.   That poor dog is better off in crowded kennels than in a cage. Those terrible contraptions should be banned.

I know there are a lot of people wanting to get their hands on our limited edition HKDR mugs, and I had said they would be available yesterday, then today, but now I’m not sure.  They have to be entered into the system at Lane Crawford before we can actually sell them, but if anyone wants to reserve one (or more) please let me know and I’ll keep a list.


One Response to “Sunday 27th September: Start of “the season””

  1. Dorothy Says:

    The HKDR Mugs are finally available this afternoon, just bought mine and it looks great 🙂

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