Saturday 26th September: Selling like hotcakes

I had to get my morning duties over with early so I could drop Biggles off at the kennels before going to Lane Crawford Home Store for my afternoon stint as a sales girl.  Biggles had an adoption interview at midday, and I was hoping he’d be going to his new home straight away so I wouldn’t have to pick him up after I’d finished at Pacific Place.  As it happened, his intended adopter couldn’t make up his mind, and Biggles was subsequently adopted by someone else.

The fact that I haven’t been out shopping for a long time became evident when I couldn’t find the Lane Crawford Home Store, and spent half an hour wandering aimlessly round Pacific Place  like a tourist.  So if anyone else is unfamiliar with the layout, it’s not in the main Lane Crawford store, or even next to it. but on the ground floor closer to Seibu than any other landmark.

Mark’s wife, Linda, was already set up and in action by the time I eventually found the place, and from then on there was a steady stream of shoppers, some already HKDR supporters, others new to our organisation.  Diaries and calendars were being snapped up, and by the time we finished our shift we were already calling for more stock for tomorrow.  A lot of people were asking about the T-shirts and it’s frustrating that they weren’t there on time, but they will be on sale next week.  I was wearing my dud sample, the “honakonadoarescue” edition, but at least the HKDR logo was clear.

We’ll also have HKDR mugs by tomorrow, a limited edition run of 100 only (whoops, sorry, although physically at the store it seems they can’t be entered into the system until Monday so won’t actually be available until then). At this rate (although it was a Saturday so busier than a weekday), we’ll be sold out of everything by the time our short time is over.

It was busy at the kennels too, and the new golden retriever, Copper, who arrived only yesterday was adopted.  His new family had been waiting for a dog just like him, so they were very happy and so was everyone else, not least Copper, I’m sure.

There’s some good news too for Mabel, the sharpei girl.  She’s been waiting to go to a sharpei-lover for a while, and at last I got the green light for her to move.  Mabel is a very cute (if you can call sharpeis cute), small sized dog, but she either picks fights or gets picked on by other dogs.  I’m not sure who starts it, but the end result is that Mabel always loses, and the other day she good a really good beating up.  She’s now recovering the the “bear cage”, and although she must be enjoying the safety of being behind bars, it’s not an ideal situation by any means.  I hope Mabel will be happy in her new home.

I almost forgot (because I wasn’t there -shame on me!), but the M1NT event was a great success with lots of people and generous donations.  We don’t have a total yet, but I would like to thank M1NT, guest DJ Iain (a long-time supporter), and Kirsten for helping organise everything.


One Response to “Saturday 26th September: Selling like hotcakes”

  1. joana Says:

    is copper the 4 years old dog? i think i saw him with his new family while at work. they came by the coffee shop for some drink right after adopting him. lol he looked like the happiest dog after his adoption, kept on wagging his tail while enjoying his bowl of water.

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