Thursday 24th September: HKDR at Lane Crawford

It was another one of those hit-the-ground-running days with three adoption interviews lined up for the afternoon, as well as a rescue mission from AFCD for two puppies that had been picked up from the Peak.

You may have seen an email going round about these puppies from one of our volunteers, and although I have to put our own HKDR puppies at top of the priority list for help I was, of course, willing to have a go at getting these two out of captivity as long as they didn’t end up at our own kennels. At 3+ months, they were already quite able to inflict damage if they felt like it, and I had no idea how friendly they would be considering they had been born wild, or at least to a stray mother. Neither of the pups were exactly friendly, but I got one out without too much trouble. She was terrified, naturally, and I know now to hold a frightened puppy dangling and away from me. Either that or end up covered in poo. First mission completed, I went back for the second and that was a rather different story. This puppy was going to put up a fight, so patience was required, as well as remaining quiet and calm. With nowhere to run, the puppy lost of course, but I knew it would take some time for him to come round to the idea of being a pet.

Before leaving AFCD I took out a surrendered 11-month pomeranian, both of whose back legs were completely useless because of slipped kneecaps (permamently right out of place). This poor little guy can only hop like a rabbit, and both legs will require expert surgery and a lot of time to heal. I also took a young pug girl who being microchipped wasn’t officially free for release, but she was shaking so much I insisted she needed to see a vet. In these cases I can take a dog out on a special medical license.

By the time I left AFCD with the two new dogs, the adopter for the dachshund puppy was already there, and had already said yes. No surprise, as the puppy is adorable. I think he’ll be happy in his new home in Repulse Bay. While Alice was handling the paperwork, I was in the consult room with the pug and pom, and happily there was nothing obviously wrong with little Miss Pug except she was covered with ticks. I’ll watch her for a few days to see if she’s incubating anything, or if her shaking was simply fear and distress. The pom was confirmed as a candidate for immediate surgery.

While I was busy inside the first Westie pup adopter had arrived, and had fallen in love. Again no surprise. Wherever these pups had been before it must have been a nice home, as all four (two Westies, the dachshund and a husky cross) are very people-friendly and super sweet. By the end of the afternoon all three small pups had gone off to their new homes, their places immediately filled by the newcomers. During the consult with the vet I’d been busy on the phone, and had already found a foster for the pom to go to after surgery. There’s also a possible home for the pug with someone who had been waiting for exactly that.

HKDR at Lane Crawford

HKDR at Lane Crawford

Today was the first day of our Lane Crawford fortnight, as well as the launch of our HKDR wall calendar and 2010 Diary. The report that came back via one of our volunteers who had been there in the evening to buy a few copies was that business was brisk. Great news, of course. Now I’m just itching to get those T-shirts out there, so watch this space for news of the delivery (due 30th Sepember).

It had been a good day overall, but there was some tragic news by early evening.  Freddie, the sweet young dachshund who was adopted recently, had been hit by  a car and instantly killed.  I don’t have any details, though I suppose they are unnecessary anyway, but I was reminded once again of the game of chance and luck that life is.   I don’t know what the percentages are of dogs dying naturally of old age, but it seems that we see an awful lot of premature deaths.  Even my own dogs, although living to as old as sixteen years, have never just slipped away  by themselves but have died from accident or sudden illness such as bloat.  I guess at least these dogs all died knowing that they were loved,  while thousands die alone and in fear.

Poor Freddie had a short life but was loved very much

Poor Freddie had a short life but was loved very much



10 Responses to “Thursday 24th September: HKDR at Lane Crawford”

  1. Diana Says:

    If we keep our dogs on leashes when we walk them, the chances of them being hit / killed by cars will be lower. We have to be responsible for their safety, and the safety of other road users.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, of course, it’s irresponsible to have a dog near a road off-leash, but I doubt that’s what happened in this case. It’s a reminder, though, that accidents can, and do, happen, and that it’s better to be safe than sorry even if you are sure your dog will be fine and won’t run into the road.

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    i’m taking orders for the calendars at work. some people want the calendar to incorporate the lunar calendar.

  3. Jon Says:

    I was Freddies owner and he was on a leash when he was being walked by my girlfriend, somehow the clip on the collar where the leash was attached broke when he tugged on it and he ran across the road 50m from our front door. It was an accident that was extremely bad luck and has us both completely heartbroken about losing the little guy. He was extremely bright and was given incredible amounts of love and attention at home, in turn he was extremely affectionate and in the short time we owned him came on from a jumpy dog who couldn’t walk outside for more than 10 minutes to a pup that loved going for runs, chasing balls and swimming in the sea. He came everywhere he could with us and will be sorely missed. Everyone who met him loved him. I’ve never seen a dog make so many people smile on the street when we were out walking him. This was a horrible accident that has been incredibly saddening for us all.

  4. Catalina Says:

    Freddie was on a leash. Somehow it broke or became unclipped. He was so excited to be heading home where he is happiest and was pulling when it happened. Just bad luck.

    • Sally Says:

      I know how much you loved Freddie, and what you did for him after his miserable early life in a cage. I hope you can take comfort from knowing that he died happy, although it’s a shame that he left you so early.

  5. Diana Says:

    Jon, I’m sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a four-legged companion who has become part of your family. Freddie was well-loved and cared for, I’m sure. Jon, thank you for your reply. It sets a reminder for me to check my dog’s “walking gear” from now on for possible wear and tear that can make the gear brittle.

  6. Joshua Says:

    I was there when the tragedy exists. Its 630 something on thursday night, I crossed the road with my direction heading home.
    Suddenly, I heard the crowd behind blares, a tiny victim was crashed by a taxi and the car stopped simultaneously. the lady there screaming and seeking for help, I passed my phone to her which she doesnt carry a phone. She asked the flock from helping her to remove her loved one though they all willing to help. I stood on the road as a barrier from avoiding the vehicles to hit on him again, then I grapsed him and he is bleeding a lot. The sign showing he is gone even his tail keep wagging there. I put him lie on the pavement and covered with several tore out magazine, the moment is miserable, a nurse from the vet nearby rushing for help n the story ended…

    I ran into this little black one several times when I walked my three monster(YoYo and Christ which I adopted form the HKDR last year with my senior one altogether), he is adorable and well behaved, he just too happy in going out and enjoys the sparkling moments, he just walk as fast as he can….

    Terribly sorry for the loss of the beloved one but I know he is greatly appreciates for those precious moments esp when his tail still wagged at the end, he just want to express his happiness which you guys bought to him…

  7. abby and Lou Says:

    Let us remember how little Freddie touched so many lives and how Freddie was so loved and had so much fun during his time with Catalina and Jon.

  8. Emanuela Says:

    I know how much this little man meant to you guys! I’m so sorry to hear about this tragic accident, Lots of Love to you both x

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