Monday 21st September: Getting ready for the big day

The days seem to be overtaken with preparations for the upcoming events, especially our two weeks at Lane Crawford as opening day is on Thursday. Mark has taken this baby on (not that he had much choice, as it was him or me and I quickly stepped back), for which I am very grateful. It’s been quite manic trying to coordinate all the suppliers and to get everything in place. It’s not as though we have had past experience, but everything seems to be coming together and I’m sure it will all work out fine.

As a reward to Mark for all his hard work, I’ve also nominated him to be the HKDR representative at M1NT on Friday, where at least he’ll be able to sink a few beers while he works. On reflection this might seem a bit unfair, but the “do” starts late in the evening at a time when I’m normally tucked up in bed with Sandy and Murphy, so I thought I would offer myself up for “auction”. That means if anyone makes a sizeable donation (and I mean big) to HKDR I’ll let Mark off the hook and turn up myself. Nobody has seen me out that late for a long time.

Our new adoption ‘agent’, Alice Lau, officially started work today. Alice certainly isn’t new to HKDR though, as she has been volunteering for a long time and has even taken her interest in dogs to the next level by becoming a trainer. Like Mark and many other Hong Kong-based dog trainers, Alice graduated from the San Francisco SPCA, and she will be practising her trade over the next year before eventually taking over from Mark when he heads back to the US. The first thing Alice did when arriving back from her long training course was to adopt her favourite HKDR dog, Daffy, which is an excellent start. I’ve also set Alice some tasks to hone her skills, the first of which is to stop Cosmo peeing on the office chairs. We have all had to give up our comfortable upholstered chairs in favour of small fold-up stools in our efforts to thwart Cosmo and his nasty habit. Alternatively, Alice can find an adopter for the little guy (and his best friend, Luca). I’m sure if he was in a home instead of a small office, Cosmo would find other ways to entertain himself rather than his practical jokes (oh how he must laugh when he sees someone sitting on a freshly wetted seat).

My own efforts on Lamma to thwart the upstairs raiders isn’t going too well. Willow is determined to sleep in my bedroom, and woke me early this morning by nibbling on my toes. Lorna’s two boys, Zeb and Ticket, have found a way to by-pass the gate at the bottom of the spiral staircase by slipping through the back and between the steps. I think they saw Sandy doing this and copied her. These puppies are way too smart to let a silly gate stop them.

Ticket, one of Lorna's clever pups (photo by Claudia)

Ticket, one of Lorna's clever pups (photo by Claudia)

One of the puppies from the original Lorry Pup litter is Dana.  She is the cutest, smartest and sweetest puppy, and why she hasn’t been adopted yet is a mystery.  On Sundays at Whiskers’n’Paws, she is now so comfortable and at home in the store that she takes herself off shopping, browsing the shelves until she finds what she wants.  Yesterday she chose a rawhide chew to start, and followed up with a sheepskin cat toy which she tossed around, chased and “killed” quite happily on her own.  In fact she made such a good impression on Vada, owner of Whiskers’n’Paws, that she has been invited to go and stay until she finds a home.

Zeb, Ticket's partner in crime

Zeb, Ticket's partner in crime


5 Responses to “Monday 21st September: Getting ready for the big day”

  1. Siew Yen Says:

    I think poor Cosmo may have just been looking for an absorbent surface to do his business, hence the upholstered chairs.. I find that’s the reason why dogs do it on expensive carpets etc or will walk miles to look for a patch of dirt or grass to do it. Brodie did a diarrhoea on my tatami in the early days. They were just doing their best to keep the place clean (in their mind!).

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, I’m sure you’re right, but there’s something of the little devil in Cosmo that makes me suspect he enjoys his pranks. He’s such a cute and funny boy, I wish he could find a home where he won’t need to do this (ie, have more space).

  2. Norma M Says:

    I’m not sure how often these little guys get taken for walks as I never get a chance to see to them. My hands are full with the bigger guys.
    I know all the office staff are really busy but if they couldhelp by taking these small ones out for a few minutes it may help with the toilet issues. I suspect he feels he has found a great spot torelieve himself and try and get his point across!

    • Sally Says:

      I usually take them out myself every day, and Mojo the peke is certainly toilet trained. Cosmo is a take-it-or-leave-it kinda guy, loves to go out but also loves to be with his close friend, Luca, who is still very reluctant to venture out because he’s afarid of the big dogs outside. I’m sure that in a home both dogs would be fine, and Cosmo would be watering the lamp posts and trees rather than the chairs.

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    There’s a volunteer who always takes Cosmo out. He looked a little confused when he saw me outside yesterday because I always see him in the office. He wasn’t as excited to see me outside. And I thought I was special…sigh.

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