Sunday 20th September: How to help

After the high of yesterday’s adoptions, today was a big disappointment with no adoptions at all.  I must have jinxed Crinkle’s chance too, as his promised second interview didn’t materialise.  At least lovely Puddle was picked up from Whiskers’n’Paws, and her new family should be very happy with such a sweet puppy.

Since I have space for photos today, I want to post some taken on Lamma when a group of volunteers visited last Friday.  The dogs were taken for a walk and a swim, which they love.  Derek is always first in the water, of course, but Teddy the labradoodle isn’t far behind.  (Actually the photo of Joey is one of Claudia’s great shots).

Look at those ears! This is Joey and he needs a home

Look at those ears! This is Joey and he needs a home

Derek loves retrieving sticks

Derek loves retrieving sticks

I don’t know why Teddy hasn’t had any interest as he’s a lovely dog.  He was surrendered for being unpredictable, but as he was “trained” by the person I’ve mentioned several times before, his reaction was that of fear, not aggression.  Since he’s been on Lamma he’s been great, with absolutely no sign of any behaviour problems.
Teddy has a stick too

Teddy has a stick too

Before I forget, I must mention that there is a fundraising event this Friday at M1NT.  All money raised will be divided between HKDR and CAF (Companion Animal Federation) and another animal rescue group.
Actually the link between HKDR and CAF goes back a long way, to the very early days when I first started taking dogs out of AFCD kennels, and before HKDR was officially formed.  We have gone our separate ways since then, but like all of the animal welfare organisations we all know and support each other when we can.  So please help us, and have a great time too, by coming along on Friday.  Click here for more details.

Do you remember the Jack Russell, Hero, the dog that was terribly injured and spent a long time in hospital?  The news on him is that his wounds are 95% healed, and he is being formally adopted by the couple who took him in as a foster.  As thought, he’s a great little guy who just loves running and splashing in his rooftop paddling pool.  It’s a perfect ending to this story.
Well, the story isn’t quite finished as we still have to pay his rather considerable vet bills, and that’s why we need you to come to M1NT on Friday, and to Lane Crawford (from next Thursday 24th for two weeks), and to Peak to Fong on 29th November.
All of the events are to raise funds for dogs like Hero, and the other few hundred that we take care of.  We can’t do it without help.
Do you know that our vet bills alone at SPCA average $100,000 every month?  Other ongoing costs include food, of course, but also monthly Frontline and Heartgard, even cleaning products for the kennels.
Without any government or corporate funding, every single dollar that is raised to cover these (huge) costs are the result of hard work by our volunteers, like the team who run the fairs and stalls (dates of these are on the website), and the events team, and Paula who does our creative work, and all the others.
How can you help? Here are just some ways you can help (please click on the links for more information):
Adoptions: more than anything our dogs need homes
Donations: we rely on your generosity
Fostering: help the more vulnerable dogs by giving them a temporary home
Volunteering: either at kennels as a dogwalker or behind the scenes
Spread the word: tell your friends, neighbours, co-workers about us
Sponsoring: sponsor a long-term dog (as a No Kill organisation we have many)
Buying our HKDR products: Coming soon, the 2010 Diary and Calendars, HKDR T-shirts, Hills dog food (yes, we sell it), and not forgetting the famous Furminators (every dog should have one), toys and lots more
Long termer Hilton. Can you sponsor a dog like this?

Long termer Hilton. Can you sponsor a dog like this?


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