Saturday 19th September: Lots of adoptions

I’m feeling somewhat dazed by a lack of sleep thanks to the dogs barking throughout the night in response to the new Island Dogs’ howls, and the already-building heat doesn’t help. I could have done with a day off, but I have made two appointments at kennels, one for Sue, the labrador or dachshund cross, and one for Biggles, the 8-month French bulldog. The sampan ride requires a constant untangling of leashes as both dogs run back and forth, up and round, in their excitement. I know what puppies like, so I drink the last of my water and give them the bottle. Sure enough, one takes the cap end while the other works on the body, and I get some respite.

Biggles’ potential adopter doesn’t show, but Sue goes off happily with her new mama. She’s a lovely puppy , really the sweetest girl imaginable, but she’ll need some training and patience. Biggles will have to come to the adoption afternoon tomorrow. He’s adorable too, but mad in the way only Frenchies can be.

Alexis still has her puppy ears in this photo

Alexis still has her puppy ears in this photo

The morning has already been a busy one for adoptions. Alexis, the stunningly beautiful German shepherd (almost) who has been in foster for months following a hip operation, has an appointment to meet a potential new family. She turns up as agreed, but at the last minute her foster family can’t bear to let her go and she’s officially adopted by them. The other adopter then chooses Sydney instead, so it’s a double win for our dogs. I know everyone will be very happy to know that Sydney has a home, because both he and his sister, Adelaide, are gorgeous and have been waiting a long time. Maybe she’ll be lucky soon.

It’s a big day for blind Yorkie, Hovis, too as he finds a new home in Disocvery Bay.  Volunteer Ivy has been taking care of him while he was waiting, and now he starts a whole new life.  Good for him, he’s a very sweet boy and deserves the very best. 

Fluffy Piper, a gorgeous puppy

Fluffy Piper, a gorgeous puppy

Two other puppies that are staying with their fosters, or at least not coming back (one is going to a neighbour), are Jerry and Piper. Blue is also on an extended “holiday”, and it would be fantastic if he ends up staying.

Not surprisingly, tiny pup Hamster is adopted from the foster home that she went to on Friday. She was due to make her debut at Whiskers’n’Paws tomorrow, but I think she’d be relieved to know that she’s going to miss the puppy huggers (if she understood). Her slbings will be there in her place, although they’re not as small as Hamster, the runt.

New pup Olive is the replacement tiny girl, weighing in at only .9 kgs. Looking at her and her littermates, the heaviest being Sylvia at 1.4kg, I’m reminded of how small puppies can be, and how quickly they can grow. I can’t imagine that Olive will be anything larger than medium sized eventually, but it’s impossible to know. I’m always asked “how big will it be?” when I’m showing puppies, but any answer is just a guess. I certainly didn’t know that Sooty, my extra-large, black German shepherd(ish), would grow as big as he is. I got him as a puppy, already a few months old, but he looked pretty standard in the size department. I have a new Sooty up and coming in the form of Luther, a shy doglet who is already bigger than my average-sized adults. The fact that he looks exactly like Sooty too is going to be confusing once he’s fully grown. I won’t be able to tell them apart.

I think the biggest news and thrill for all the volunteers will be that Crinkle has an adoption interview lined up for tomorrow. He’s already passed the first stage of pleasing the husband, and now he’ll have to impress the wife. Peter and Crinkle have become close buddies, and the names are almost one, like SambaBurma, a pair of almost identical twin girls. When you take Peter for a walk, you take Crinkle too. So splitting PeterCrinkle will be hard on both, but as I told the potential adopter, they will adjust and cope. Like puppies leaving their mother or their littermates, there will be a transition period when Crinkle will be unhappy and probably not eat, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate being in a home (and driving around in the family Ferrari).

Pretty Imogen is adopted by a very patient couple

Pretty Imogen is adopted by a very patient couple

As I leave the kennels, Imogen is still playing hard to get with her potential adopter.  She’s come such a long way from the once-terrified dog that I first met at AFCD, and now she has a chance of a home.  I find out later that after four hours of cajoling and encouragement, she obviously did well enough to be taken home.   



3 Responses to “Saturday 19th September: Lots of adoptions”

  1. Rachael Says:

    What a great day for adoptions…I’m sure Crinkle will do fine if he’s chosen, I find he loves walking on his own and isn’t always up for the constant ambushing for play from Peter. He will love the individual attention, a home is long overdue for him, he has the most soulful eyes. Fingers x.

  2. DL Says:

    what a field day for adoptions!! great news indeed.

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