Wednesday 16th September:Five more dogs

Obviously people see typhoons differently. The vet at Pokfulam SPCA said he hated typhoons because living as he did in one of the in-house apartments in the Wanchai headquarters, it meant he had to be responsible for all of the hospital animals when no other staff could get in. For others, it seems to present an opportunity to take the family pet to AFCD if today’s visit was anything to go by.

 Firstly there was a 9-year old white Pekingese boy (yet another white peke!). I got on the phone to one of our peke rescuers who takes in the hard-to-home cases, and she immediately agreed to take this lucky/unlucky little dog. We’re overflowing with white pekes, which are not generally the best-tempered of breeds (in other words, they’re usually little gits).

There was an older golden retriever boy, not in good shape for his apparent seven years. He looked more like ten years to me, but a very sweet dog anyway. He was surrendered because his owners were leaving Hong Kong – or so they said. This boy’s new name is Omar.

I took another French bulldog to join our other Frenchie, Biggles. This one was surrendered because he is too active and jumps a lot. Well, Frenchies are nutters, we know that, but I had to call this guy Frisbee because it’s true, he jumps like he’s trying to catch one. At least he’s friendly, with both people and other dogs. The first thing that happened to Frisbee when he arrived at our HKDR kennels was that he was taken for a run to use up some of that excess energy. Later he’ll come back to Lamma with me, where at least he will have space to run and play as much as he wants. His leaping is almost certainly just enthusiasm and a lack of exercise.

 The fourth dog taken was an old cocker spaniel. I had already received an email about this dog, one that was bought as a puppy twelve years ago but given up by the owner while still very young. Although it was surrendered to AFCD by someone else, the microchip still had the first owner as the registered keeper, and it was she who contacted me to ask if we could save the dog. It’s typical that a license is years out of date and that the dog has been in many homes since first registered and microchipped.

As if that wasn’t enough, someone turned up at the kennel gates with another golden retriever, a female called Summer. Like all dogs, this girl too had her story, the usual one of having been passed around from home to home until finally ending up in some dead-end shelter in the New Territories, one of the places where animals exist rather than live.

 So that was today, with five new dogs and the ongoing dilemma of where to put them. The peke went straight off to his new home so he was sorted, but a quick re-shuffle of our existing dogs was needed to create some space for the other newcomers.

 There was some good news too. Jerry, who had been taken as a typhoon foster during the previous typhoon, and again by the same couple on Monday, will be staying. He was one of the Milky gang, and his adoption was long over due. (I have regular updates on Milky who has become something of a star in his neighbourhood).

The 1-year old pug boy, aptly named Lucky, was with us for only a day before being adopted. Not surprising really, as he was a very nice little dog with no health or behaviour problems. Lucky for him that his ex-owner brought him to us instead of handing him on to another unsuitable owner, and lucky for the new adopters who happened to be looking for a small, young dog at exactly the right time.


One Response to “Wednesday 16th September:Five more dogs”

  1. Angela Wong Says:

    Salina said he has removed more than 100 ticks on the 9 year old peke. He is also a very very sweet boy, a very nice little white peke.

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