Tuesday 15th September: After the storm

The first thing the puppies and doglets discovered was that the gate at the top of the garden bank had been blown open.  It took me a bit longer to realise, and by then half the dog population was either down at the beach or romping in the undergrowth on the other side of the fence.  So even before I’d had a chance to make a much-needed mug of coffee, I was trying to get the puppies in while even more dogs were taking advantage of the open gate. It was like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand.  Eventually all but one of the escapees were back, and that was good enough.

Over the whole of Hong Kong I’m sure it was the same scene,  the big clean up.  For me it meant rebuilding the roof of the outside enclosure, this time with metal bars rather than bamboo (thanks to the government contractors who always leave their stuff behind after a job, in this case slope maintenance).  I hope the new roof won’t be tested again this year, but you never know.

By the time I got online to check my emails, there was one asking for help for a dachshund who had been left behind in an apartment when the owners moved out.  This is the third such case in a few days, the other two having involved labradors and a Saint Bernard.  I just hope people aren’t catching on and that this is being seen as the easy way to deal with the unwanted family dog(s).  In the case of the dachshund, we already had someone wanting  to adopt so by the evening this lucky boy was already in a new home.  They already have a sausage dog, adopted from HKDR as a puppy and now desperate for a friend, so I hope it works out.

Cute Crunchie hiding his skin issue under a fluffy coat

Cute Crunchie hiding his skin issue under a fluffy coat

Four puppies were due their second vaccinations today.  Crunchie and Cinder, the two who were so scared when I first got them, both have scabby pimples on their skin too.  It’s frustrating because it means they can’t go for adoption at the time when they are at their most appealing.  It’s just a superficial dermatitis, but unattractive nonetheless.

The other pair are Gershwin, a lovely, happy boy, and Aero, who only has one eye.  She’s a very sweet girl and I hope that her very minor handicap will give her an advantage and someone will feel sorry for her.

Zachary, born blind and now in desperate need of a new home

Zachary, born blind and now in desperate need of a new home

There was a big response to the news about Zachary, the blind dog.  The fact is that there is no way Zach can come back to kennels and be thrown to the wolves.   I don’t have an answer to the problem, and just hope that maybe someone reading his story will be able to give him a home.

Another sad story about another victim of the “trainer” I’ve mentioned before.  This dog, an English bulldog, suffered months of “training” at the hands of this man, and the result was that he was put to sleep by his owners. Poor dog ended up a fearful wreck.  If anyone thinks that bullying and choke chains are the way to train a dog, think again.


3 Responses to “Tuesday 15th September: After the storm”

  1. Foster Wong Says:

    I’m so sorry to learn about Zach’s situation and also the poor English bulldog’s.

    I’m very sick of people who use physical force to make themselves so called “alpha dog”. This is so stupid and pathetic, because you do not get “high social status” by a choke chain. When can people realise this?

  2. puppydogdiaries Says:

    What incredible work you are doing. I wish I could beam myself over to HK to help you. Please keep it up.

  3. Norma M Says:

    I know Zachary has been declared blind, even by the vet but it is hard to believe that he cannot see anything. When walking him he tends to see shadows or react to his surrounds. I know he is very attuned to everything around him and he does tend to bump into things if you forget you are walking a blind dog. The thing is that he just never seemed to have this as a dissability due to the fact that he knows no different. He deserves a good home and hope that someone will be able to give him one and not be put off by his dissability and love him all the more because of it.

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