Sunday 13th September: Puddle and puddles

The air was so thick at Whiskers’n’Paws today that being outside was like taking a foggy sauna.  On the way over in the sampan I was convinced that Biggles, the 8-month French bulldog, was suffering from heatstroke as he panted and panted, the inside of his ears burning hot.  The sampans always carry a barrel of fresh water so I was able to keep Biggles wet and reasonably cool by pouring water over him throught the crossing, but I was quite worried.

Once at Whiskers’n’Paws however, Biggles was in-out-in-out all afternoon, and driving everyone crazy.  If he was inside he wanted to go out, and vice versa.  If he was  trapped in the puppy playpen he wanted out, and outside he barked to get in (and then jumped in himself).  It was like looking after a kid with hyperactivity problems. It’s lucky for Frenchies that they are so damn cute and funny that you have to laugh at them even when they test your patience to the limit.

The Whippety Dog puppies, Zorro and Brock, were brought in by their foster family and spent the entire afternoon being picked up and carried around by the always-present cluster of  “puppy huggers”.  In the end Zorro was adopted by one of them (or rather, by his mother), and he’ll be living in Discovery Bay from now on.  His brother, Brock, is almost sure to go too, and I’m just waiting for confirmation of his adoption.  Looking at these two ultra-cute boys I felt I knew them well, as they are exactly the same as all the previous Whippeties and there’s an instant familiarity bond when that happens.

One very happy puppy hugger gets his wish - a lovely Whippety pup called Zorro

One very happy puppy hugger gets his wish - a lovely Whippety pup called Zorro

Funny Puddle, who always looks so worried, was also chosen today.  I’m so happy for this adorable girl.  Fate or chance, or whatever brought her to AFCD kennels, plays a huge part in the lives of these puppies.  So many don’t make it, and I look at the lucky ones who come to Lamma and then find great homes, and  can’t help but think of the ones we couldn’t take.  What happens to them?  There were two babies brought to kennels today with an automatic expectation that HKDR will take all foundlings, but the sad fact is that we can’t.  There is nowhere to put new puppies when we are so full, both at kennels and on Lamma.  I have to say sorry, no, and I really do mean that I’m sorry.  I want to save them all, as they are  the innocents, but I just can’t.

I did, however, accept one puppy today, a 5-month chocolate labrador cross who had been picked up off the street by the family who brought her in.  They took care of her and even had all her vaccinations done, but in the end she was just too big for them to keep.  I called her Sue, and I have a feeling she won’t stay with HKDR for long.

Almost a labrador but not quite

Almost a labrador but not quite

Another little dog who didn’t stay with HKDR for long was Brush, a small-sized and very sweet pomeranian boy.  He was one of  the office gang and doing very well, or at least it seemed that way, but this evening I got the news that he had suddenly died.  He had even been playing with one of the volunteers shortly before, then simply lay down and passed away.   He must have been ill but he wasn’t letting on.  Dogs are like that, and I guess all animals are, as showing weakness in the wild would mean automatic eviction from the pack, and inevitable death.   Poor, sweet Brush.

Goodbye little Brush

Goodbye little Brush

Back home after a very busy afternoon, there was a sudden, and very strange, yellow glow outside, and I had to go into the garden to see what was happening.  Of course it was the very welcome storm, and the lightning behind the clouds creating the eery light.  As the heavens opened and the rain came down in sheets, it became apparent that the outside enclosure couldn’t cope with the amount of water bucketing down.  The older pups who normally sleep there were getting soaked, and looking totally pathetic.  So instead of relaxing after a crazy day, it was panic stations as I tried to make space for everyone inside.  By the time beds had been moved around and new enclosures made upstairs, the rain had stopped.


3 Responses to “Sunday 13th September: Puddle and puddles”

  1. ivy Says:

    Brush was lying on the bed peacefully when he passed away yesterday.

    Thanks for the volunteer who took him for a walk yesterday, at least he knew he got a lot of love and attention before he goes.

    Brush, RIP.

  2. Nora Says:

    What a sweet pomeranian, Brush.
    I’ll miss u.
    Brush, RIP.

  3. puppydogdiaries Says:

    Please can you beam Sue over so she can be my new little sister! She looks like such a fun playmate! And Mama says I need someone to play with but Dada says that I am enough dog for them for now. I hope Mama wins this one…

    Puppy Dog

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