Saturday 12th September: Brave Scout

As usual the day doesn’t go as planned.  Saturday is supposed to be my day at home when I can catch up with paperwork and other admin stuff, but today I have to go to the bank to pay an urgent deposit on the T-shirts which we need for various events.  I work out my timing and when I have to go for my morning walk, but all goes out of the window when I see that puppy Scout is limping very badly.  I noticed it first the day before and hoped it was just a sprain that would fix itself, but it’s just as bad today and I can’t leave it any longer.

Brave Scout (and so cute too)

Brave Scout (and so cute too)

Rushing as fast as I can, I take Scout to the vet at Pokfulam. She agrees there’s something wrong but can’t work out what it can be until she spots that one of his back toes is very swollen.  There is a large abcess there, and while the vet lances it with a scalpel, poor little Scout is so brave.  The infection is deep and after a lot of squeezing, the open wound is flushed out with disinfectant. I can’t imagine how painful it must be and I know that any human would need at least a local anaesthetic for the procedure, while Scout only squeaked his protest a couple of times.

Leaving Scout at the kennels, I hotfoot it to Aberdeen to find the banks are just closing and won’t let me in.  I thought banks stayed open all day Saturday now, but obviously that’s not the case.  Oh well.

So it’s back to the kennels to pick Scout up, and I meet a new pug that’s just been surrendered.  Milly is a very cute little girl, with bad skin and infected ears, who has never been vaccinated and certainly isn’t licensed.  I think she’ll find a home fairly easily as she’s very sweet.

Luckily I bump into volunteer Vivian,  who has brought in a camera for me. So it should be business as usual although Vivian warns me the battery doesn’t last for long, and that usually means it dies just as you’re lined up for that photo of the year.  I don’t think I’ll be able to match Claudia’s photos, though (both of today’s photos are hers).

I finally make  it back home and spend time getting the puppies ready for tomorrow’s adoption afternoon.  That means checking between toes and in the ears for ticks, as well as a good ear cleaning. 

Trilby, one of Lorna's pups, gets a good going-over

Trilby, one of Lorna's pups, gets a good going-over

This year has been a bad year for ticks (or a good year from their point of view), and it’s a battle to keep them at bay.  I’ve just received a notice in the post from one of the vet clinics talking about this problem, and it seems I’m not the only one who has noticed an increase in the tick population.  There’s nothing that is 100% effective, and twice-monthly applications of Frontline plus a Preventic collar (changed every two months) is the best option, but manual checks are still necessary. 

Over the years my eyes have become like tick radars and my fingertips so tick- sensitive I can feel even the smallest ones when massaging the dogs, but the problem is that I don’t have time to give them all a full going-over on a daily basis.  Every morning there are always a few of the disgusting bloated females climbing the walls.  I call them mother suckers.  I’ve been promised some tick bombs which should help, but it will be nice when the cooler weather comes and with it a decrease in tick numbers.


3 Responses to “Saturday 12th September: Brave Scout”

  1. joana Says:

    i’ve noticed the same problem with the tick thing. merlin has been carrying a family of them before , once i noticed i started using frontline plus and this spray to spray on him before he goes out on his walks.

    =-= but just this morning i noticed two still on him. i really dont know how to get rid of them totally.

  2. Ling Says:

    Scout is sooo cute! Cant imagine him being homeless for long. And must say, love Claudia’s photography, very elegant, and seems to capture the spirit of the pups and doggies.

  3. lesleysutherland Says:

    I am having trouble with LOTS of ticks on my two HKDR dogs. I have pulled so many off them (have to check them every day), washed them twice in anti-tick pyrethrum shampoo, plus we do the Frontline and flea/tick collar. I just have to keep checking them all the time, as it seems that no sooner are they completely free of them, than another appears.

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