Friday 11th September: Photos back!

Hahaha, look at Puddle's expression

Hahaha, look at Puddle's expression

I’m so happy to have access to some photos again.  Volunteer Claudia Tse came over to Lamma last week to take some photos of the puppies, and I’ll be posting these over the next few days.  First has to be Puddle, my new best friend.  What a face! 

Having almost no hair left after struggling with an ancient laptop for the past few days, I’m trying another not-quite-so-old donation, but this one has a dodgy broadband connection so it’s just as slow.  

The main focus of every day seems to be the upcoming events, as deadlines loom and there’s so much to get ready.  We really want to have our new HKDR T-shirts available at Lane Crawford and we’ve been promised delivery for the end of the month, a couple of days after the opening but better than nothing.

At the same time, we need new HKDR Volunteer T-shirts plus Peak to Fong ones, and it feels like we’re in the garment business rather than dog rescue with all the talk of designs, sizes, necklines etc, not to mention the  money side of it all.  I spent too long standing in line at the bank  arranging transfers when I should have been at kennels.

Four more doglets went over from Lamma to Pokfulam for desexing today, one of them being the lovely 8-month French bulldog, Biggles.  I want him to be ready for homing at Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday.  He’s such a funny/lovely boy. 

The other three included Sprite, sister to Smartie and identical in looks but the complete opposite in character.  Where Smartie is a very happy and confident girl, Sprite is terrified of her own shadow.  Aretha, sister to Marvin and Wilson, is the same, and a screamer to boot.  When we were trying to get the three girls to AFCD for their microchip and rabies shots, Aretha embarrassed me by screaming so loudly that people came in to see what the problem was.  There was Aretha, lying on the ground and yelling murder, while I just stood by watching.  In the end all three had to be carried to AFCD and back.

As usual, I couldn’t leave there empty handed and took out four lovely young puppies, Posy, Rosie, Abigail and brother Hamish. As the vet was checking and vaccinating them she commented on how gorgeous they were, adding that she was sure they’d easily find homes.  I just hope she’s right. For now they’ve joined the baby lorry pups on Lamma.

Tiny Hamster, how cute is she?

Tiny Hamster, how cute is she?


2 Responses to “Friday 11th September: Photos back!”

  1. Norma M Says:

    Puddle is georgeous! The same batman mask that Geraldine has??

  2. Tina Yau Says:

    Very nice photos!

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