Thursday 10th September: A rushed day

I have a new fan in Puddle, the puppy who almost had a very smelly accident on the sampan when I brought her over to Lamma the first time. Puddle made her debut at Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday and very nearly got adopted, but her apparent shyness put the potential family off.  Well she’s not shy now, in fact I can’t walk into the garden without having a pair of legs wrapped firmly round mine, and loving teeth tugging at my clothes, or skin if nothing else is within range.  I wish I could post the photo taken of her recently, as it’s a classic study in how to look totally pathetic.  I’ll try later when I’m at kennels.

Three female doglets went for desexing from Lamma today.  It’s like graduation for them, the day they move from being a doglet to registered dog, complete with microchip and license.  Smartie is one of them, and she is now ready to got to her new home on Sunday.   She is such a wonderful dog, and I couldn’t have given her a better name.

I arrive at kennels after a very bouncy sampan ride, with the wind whipping across the waves and the small boat bobbing like a cork.   The typhoon signal No 1 is up, but the weather forecast reported little chance of a higher signal.  Doglet Amanda is going over to have her blood tested before her desexing operation next week as she had tick fever as a puppy and I need to make sure she has fully recovered before surgery.  She drools the whole way over and arrives at the vet clinic looking terrible.  If dogs could turn green, Amanda would have been lime coloured.

Even before we get there, the taxi driver tells me that the 3 signal has been hoisted and now I’m in a panic.  There are three dogs that have just been desexed, plus Amanda, and I’ll be stuck if the sampans decide to stop operating (at least outside the relative calm of the typhoon shelter).

I hit the ground running as the taxi arrives at the SPCA clinic.  Amanda has her blood taken while the other three are rushed to AFCD for their rabies shots and microchips.  While I’m there I fill out a form for a shih tzu that has been surrendered, saying Kathy will come over to pick it up,  before rushing back to the vet clinic for Amanda’s blood test results.  She’s fine apart from the seasickness, so she and the other three are bundled into a van and we head straight back to the sampan. It’s such a relief to see our regular sampan lady near the pier, and she takes us safely back to Lamma.  As we arrive at the pier, Amanda has finally had enough and vomits.  She did well to hold it for so long.

Apart from the Lane Crawford fortnight and the annual Peak to Fong event, we have something else which we think is quite special.  If you have been living in Hong Kong long enough you will remember the Lily Wong cartoon strip that was a feature in the SCMP.  This was a satirical comment on the daily happenings as reported in the news, and we found one that was so perfect we just had to have it.  It’s a grim reminder that nothing has changed in the pet shop world.  This original cartoon drawing, which is framed and signed by the artist, will be auctioned online starting this weekend and running until the 9th October when the highest bid will be announced.  Please watch out for the details on the website (and I’ll also be adding some updates and info).

I realise the lack of photos makes for a very dull blog, but until I get a replacement computer the photos can only be posted later in the day.  If you’re an early morning reader, please check back later for the photo additions.


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