Wednesday 9th September: 9/9/09

I read that today was supposed to be the end of the world, or at least something majorly catastrophic was supposed to happen, but we managed to get through it with only minor frustrations.

My big ctastrophe  was that I’ve lost my reading glasses, the only pair that has survived the puppies.  I had seen Cosmo pulling them out of my bag the previous day and suspect he may have succeeded in a second attempt when I wasn’t there to cstch him.  He’s a (very cute) cheeky and nosy boy who loves to dig around in bags and boxes to see what he can find.  Food is good, but playthings will do too.  So now I’m at the office with a ton of emails to deal with and I can’t see anything. Then I remember seeing a pair of glasses that somebody had left behind months ago, and Kathy manages to find them.  They work, relief.

I realise the importance in my life of  three things that I’ve lost in the last week or so;  computer,  camera and now my reading glasses.

I had to be at kennels early as we had a visit from a friendly politician and Legco member, Fred Li, who came to see the visible results of the lack of governmental interest in the ever-growing dog issue.  That is, the uncontrolled breeding, selling and importing of puppies, and the lack of regulation regarding desexing.  It would be nice if more politicians actually came to see the dogs, especially those at AFCD waiting for their turn to be killed.  It is, after all, a government institution.

Being camera-less, I have to ask Kathy to go over to SPCA to take photos of the Lorry Pups’ mothers.  They will stay until Friday to make sure they’re OK before going back to their squatter shack home.   You can’t tell from the photos that both dogs aresmall/medium-sized (like a beagle).

Lorry Mum # 1, mother of Willow, Dana, Cider (now Whisky), Dino (now Tango), Bilbo and others

Lorry Mum # 1, mother of Willow, Dana, Cider (now Whisky), Dino (now Tango), Bilbo and others

Lorry Mum # 2, mother of Hamster, Grace, Doobie, Pingu and Scout (the only one who looks like her)

Lorry Mum # 2, mother of Hamster, Grace, Doobie, Pingu and Scout (the only one who looks like her)

I have an evening meeting in Central to talk about Peak to Fong details but manage to be late as I have to try to sort out a Dog v. AFCD issue.  Meeting over, and back on Lamma I find that the new baby Lorry Pups have managed to break out of their pen and are scampering around the top floor.  I put them back inside, think I fix the escape route, and go to bed only to be woken by the sounds of happy squeals in the middle of the night.  Those clever little tykes have already learned how to push the heavy fence away from the wall to get out.


2 Responses to “Wednesday 9th September: 9/9/09”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    We met up with these guys on our walk last night and they had just adopted a 3rd dog, a GR rescued from a puppy mill/backyard breed/breed “enthusiast”.

    I swear she’s related to Abby! The same skinny frame, the bounciness, the small size, the colouring and the face.

    Plus the toy hogging but that could be from not having any before!

    She’s two versus Abby’s 7 so she could be a daughter/niece or the next generation and depending on Abby’s poor mom, could even be a sister!

  2. Susan Says:

    You still have your phone …. (finger crossed).

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