Tuesday 8th September: Hong Kong breeds

Puppies on their new play equipment

Puppies on their new play equipment

I wanted to start by showing Karina, Rafferty, Kay and Diana on their new play equipment.  They love it!

I’m watching the newest Lorry Pups,  as well as Crunchie and Cinder, playing together.  They’ve already grown and changed so much in such a short time, and Crunchie already towers over Hamster, the smallest of the litter.  They’re at the age – around 8 weeks – when it’s easiest to find homes for them as they’re  still very baby-like and cute, but they still really need each other as playmates.  How can you replicate the playfights and the comfort of another warm, furry body?  Just seeing them rolling around, biting and squeaking (how they learn to control the strength of their bites), I don’t want to send them off to be singletons just yet.  Ideally puppies this age should be homed in pairs, or at least have another dog to play with, but I know I need to give them a chance while they’re at their cutest.

I had a look at their mothers yesterday as they were coming round after their desexing operations.  It’s clear that the older of the two is the mother of Dana as they have identical faces, and are also both small-sized and brindle.  The younger mother dog is also small sized, but black and whiskery, just like her son, Scout.  I would say that it’s 99% certain that the black dog is the daughter of the brindle one, as both sets of Lorry Pups are exactly the same although they have different mothers.  Only Scout is the odd one out. 

It’s good to know something about the puppies, like where they came from and what their mothers look like, as it’s very rarely that I have any information at all.  The most I’m told is the area that a litter came from, so I know all the sharpei cross pups come from Shek O and without doubt from the same family group.

I’m beginnining to recognise  the different litters that come in to AFCD, like the Shek O sharpeis, the Chung Hom Kok “Hong Kong Collies” and the Stanley fluffies.  There are also the Monkey Pup families, and the Whippety Dogs, all very clearly their own distinct group.

There is currently another new litter that are clearly from the same family  of at least two previous litters.  These are the  “whippety dogs”, black or black and white, slim build and with the same face and floppy ears.  They look very much like whippets.   There’s no mistaking them, especially as they also have the common characteristic of multiple toes on their back legs.  Look out for Zorro, Brock, Tino and Tito, as they’re now ready to make their appearance at Whiskers’n’Paws.

This is how breeds develop, in groups of dogs that live and interbreed in the same areas, the distinctive look and character showing more and more in each subsequent litter.  Fathers would mate with daughters, mothers with sons,  until a distinctive look emerges in each litter born.  In the Shek O sharpeis, for example, they have crooked tails and one very small nail growing out of a back leg.  Comparing Seamus (ex-Egg) and his new sister, Apple, both have these features.  The Breakfast Club, Brunch Club and Dinner Service litters are are very closely related.

I should also mention the Wanchai Terrier, of which there are many. Not only do these terriers look alike, they all have the same, er, shall we say “interesting” nature.  Murphy is a perfect example, a dog that is totally loyal and loving to me, but a terror to outsiders.  That’s the Wanchai Terrier.


6 Responses to “Tuesday 8th September: Hong Kong breeds”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    Do you have pictures of Lorry pup mother? I’d love to see what Whisky & Tango’s mom looks like!

  2. Winnie Says:

    Sally, you may not remember me any more – I adopted “Teddy” from HKDR a year and a half ago, a Hong Kong collie. At first, I unknowingly thought Teddy was unique with his coppery “lion mane” and feathery spitz-like tail. However, I have since come across numerous dogs IDENTICAL to Teddy and I realise that there’s a whole “breed” out there across Hong Kong which is so very handsome.

    The closest “pure breed” I am aware of that even remotely resembles Teddy’s appearance is a breed called the “Eurasier” which is bred from a selection of Asian and European spitz-family dogs. Perhaps Teddy and his kin are “Nature’s version” of the Eurasier – a combination of feral matings between chow-chow, Finnish spitz, Japanese spitz and others who have found their home in Hong Kong over the years…

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Winnie, Yes I do remember you and Teddy. Such a sweet boy, and that is part of the Hong Kong Collie nature. It’s quite a popular “breed” as you have found out.

  3. Catriona Sutcliffe Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Interesting comment about the ‘whippety dogs’. We bumped into Caroline and Ali last weekend and couldn’t believe how similar Miller and Minnie are! Even though Minnie is from a previous litter. We plan a playdate at WnP and are looking forward to seeing Zorro, Brock, Tino and Tito.

    Desexing for Mr Miller on Monday.

    Kind regards


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