Monday 7th September: Newbies

I’m still struggling with a borrowed, and very old, laptop, so all my office work is taking even longer than usual.  Still, I have to be at kennels fairly early today so I can hand over all the accounts to our new volunteer acountant, so a backlog is piling up.  At least I don’t have to worry about keeping the accounts up to date any more and that’s a uige relief.

When I arrive at kennels there are two newbies in the office (I knew it wouldn’t take long to replace the ones that have moved out). These two poms, one black and one tan, came to us in a roundabout way from Lantau.  They had been left behind in an apartment when the tenants moved out and, not surprisingly, the new tenants didn’t want them.  They’re not too old, but have rotten teeth and one, the black one, tests positive for heartworm today.  That means we have to find a foster home before we can go ahead with the treatment.  It’s dangerous enough as it is, but we at least need a quiet place for the pom to recover.

I rush to AFCD to have a quick look at the new dogs, and a panic about the dogs that are waiting to be taken out that I had previously reserved.  We’re short of staff, time and space, so I just take a young French bulldog that has been waiting a while (he was microchipped), and leave.  Biggles is only 8 months old and extremely happy to be out of prison.  He loves everyone and can hardly contain himself in his excitement.  It’s exhausting just watching him rush from person to person, panting his greeting before moving on to the next.   He checks out healthy at the vet except for slightly yeasty ears, and I book him in for desexing later in the week so he’ll be ready for Sunday’s puppy adoption afternoon.

I also get an email from someone asking if we’ll take her 5-month chocolate labrador puppy.  She says she found the pup on the street and took it in but can’t keep her.  At first I’m sure it must be a mongrel who looks like a labrador, but from the photo it seems she is right.  By the end of the day I already have someone who wants the puppy.  What a surprise.

My attempts to keep the wayward pups and doglets out of the top floor of my house is failing miserably.  Sparkle won’t leave at all, and Minky is only willing to move to the bedroom, which is even worse.  Willow (Lorry Pup) and Zeb (Lorna Pup) are also permanently upstairs these days, and it’s a rare event for me to go to bed without finding that others have beaten me to it.

Meanwhile the second edition of the Lorry Pups are doing well. Tiny Hamster is adorable and I can’t wait to show her off, but they can’t go anywhere until they’ve had their second vaccination.  I’m really hoping that this litter will be the very last from their mother as the dog’s owner has agreed to have her, and another female dog, desexed this week.  I won’t really believe it until the dogs actually turn up as arranged, but there’s a good chance that at least two dogs won’t be having any more puppies.

News from the kennels: both female dogs turned up for desexing!  They are small-sized and very scared, but this is a greatresult.  It also means that the two editions of Lorry Pups have now become collectors’ items as there won’t be any more.  Hooray!


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