Sunday 6th September: Present and Past

Every Sunday is like a party at Whiskers’n’Paws, and today was no exception. Three ex-Lorry Pups came back for a play, and ex-Egg, now Seamus, turned up to collect his new sister, Apple.

Lorry Pups line-up.  Dana and Bilbo on the left arestill waiting for homes. (Photo by Mandy)

Lorry Pups line-up. Dana and Bilbo on the left arestill waiting for homes. (Photo by Mandy)

Lorna’s add-on pups, who have been in a foster home, were  finally adopted. It was when we went to put the bandanas on which signify the puppies are available for adoption that they finally cracked.  And finally my lovely Smartie got a home.  I don’t know why it’s taken so long as she is a star puppy, a real gem.

After Minkyand Sparkle’s eviction from the top floor I decided to take Minky along for the afternoon.  I fully expected her to hide away in a corner so was very pleasantly surprised when she took the whole event in her stride and joined in the games on the terrace.  There is hope yet.

I had two reminders of the past today, one from long ago and the other more recent.  While I was with the puppies at Whiskers’n’Paws,  a woman came up to me and introduced herself as someone who used to do aerobics with me back in the 80’s!  Yes, I was a fully fledged, leg-warmer and leotard-wearing Jane Fonda fan, complete with headband.  Talk about flashbacks (and Flashdance). Anyway, this time it was about puppy adoption, not weights and squats, and lovely Dana was the subject of interest.  She’s another puppy who should have been adopted by mow.  She’s a real charmer.

Dina, one of the first edition Lorry Pups (photo by Claudia)

Dana, one of the first edition Lorry Pups (photo by Claudia)

The other reminder of the past was the news that the documentary, “This Darling Life”, is going to be showing in London as part of a season of films by Hong Kong’s women directors.  Filmed about three years ago, if not even a bit longer, I was reminded of how things have changed since those days.  If nothing else, the dog I’m shown with in the publicity shots for the film is Goldie, one of my own dogs, who died last year.  I never did get a copy of the film when we were selling it, and must see if I can still find the DVD somewhere.


4 Responses to “Sunday 6th September: Present and Past”

  1. Caroline B Says:

    Sally, TDL is for sale on the counter at WnP! It was right under your nose!

  2. Foster Wong Says:

    I still remember the scene that you walk two dozens of dogs up to that nice lake in This Darling Life. It’s a very good documentary.

  3. Denvy Says:

    Sally, on an out of point topic, can you warn potential WnP visitors NOT to park their cars on the road outside Horizon Plaza? The car park was full so many of us parked along the road but I ended up with a $350 fine.

    Could have donated the money to HKDR instead!

    Anyway it was great to see you again. Thanks for the advice for Milkshake; I am getting my helper sit next to her and pat/stroke her everyday.

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