Saturday 5th September: Final showdown

I’m struggling with the borrowed laptop, more particularly an errant and stubborn mouse which works only sporadically. Add that to the discovery this morning that the corner of an antique wooden chest, which I had covered to protect it, has had both cover and corner chewed off.  It’s the last straw as far as Minky and Sparkle are concerned and they have been banished for good.  I know they’ll find their way back upstairs, but they will just be taken down again, and again, until they finally get that they’re no longer welcome.  The chest was the last piece of unchewed furniture, but they have partly or totally destroyed everything else.  Enough is enough.

Two more small dogs have been adopted; Opal the schnauzer from kennels, and Marble the sheltie from foster. Marble was in a dreadful state when she came to us, almost completely hairless and having been kept in a cage her whole life.  She still hasn’t quite got the concept of going out for walks, not understanding that there is a whole world out there, but she’s moved to Discovery Bay now and will hopefully find the courage to enjoy lovely walks.

I hear from the kennels that Beefy, one of our lovely, large dogs that has grown up with us, collapsed while out walking today.  Luckily the vet clinic opposite was open so he was able to have an instant checkup, and there’s thankfully  nothing wrong with him. It was almost certainly just the heat, and was a timely reminder that heatstroke is a real danger in this steaming hot weather. I walked the few yards to the beach today in bare feet, and the path was burning hot.  I think we forget that dogs have to walk on pavements that have been baking in the sun, so the heat comes from above and below. You don’t even need to have a dog out hiking for it to be affected, so please be careful.

Vada, owner of Whiskers’n’Paws, had promised us the puppy playground equipment from the outside terrace once some new upgrades arrived.  I’ve just heard that we can expect it any day and I can’t wait to see our puppies enjoying themselves on their new climbing frame.

I was sent this photo by the adopters of Nikki (golden retriever) and Rex, a dachshund/beagle who came to us with his two siblings as puppies.  They were skin and bone, having been starved by their owner who said he couldn’t afford to feed them.  Jack and Candy took Rex on a foster basis but couldn’t give him up, so formally adopted.  Now he and Nikki are so close that Rex sleeps on her like this: Nikki makes a very soft bed for Rex


One Response to “Saturday 5th September: Final showdown”

  1. Susan Says:

    I saw Nikki and Rex together at last year’s Peak to Fong and they were already pretty attached to each other.

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