Friday 4th September: Computer down

This entry is very late as I discovered my internet connection didn’t work this morning (I write each daily entry early the following day).  So here it is, 2.30pm and I’m borrowing a laptop so can’t access any photos, sorry.

The office saw a few guests leave today: Bugsy the shih tzu has gone to foster, Toady the peke/pug has been adopted, and Tofu has been sent to re-hab on Lamma.  That leaves only Cosmo and Luca (the “brothers”), Mojo the peke, and new pom boy Brush.  It won’t last long, I’m sure,

Also moving from foster to permanent homes are Twix the gorgeous terrier that came from the awful breeder, Dorothy the pug, and Judy the sheltie/schnauzer cross.  Adorable shih tzu/terrier boy, Gus, was adopted by his foster family, so all in all it was an excellent day for the little guys (and gals).

There was also one of the special adoptions at kennels today, one of those that take you by surprise.  Our lovely border collie-type, Alison, was chosen.  I’m thrilled about it, and very happy for her as she has been overlooked too many times.  Now I hope her brother, Pringle, will also catch someone’s attention.

The T-shirt production has taken a long time but I finally saw some samples today and they look great.  Only problem is that the web address has been given a Hawaiian ring to it:  honakonadoarescue.  The “g’s” have lost their tails and bceome “a’s”.  I’ll wear them and tell everyone we have a branch in Honolulu.  We’re really pushing to have the T-shirts ready in time for Lane Crawford, but we may only make the last week.

Four doglets made the big move from Lamma to kennels today (and desexing).  Apologies to the volunteers who have to try and tell them apart because even I don’t really know who’s who.  Karen, Diana, Kay and Guinivere are all tan colour and virtually indentical.  Only Guinivere is slightly different as her nose is brown instead of black. 

The issue of desexing, or rather not desexing, is always top of the discussion agenda for all animal welfare organisation.  Acting, rather than talking, is a team of vets, volunteers and a generous sponsor who go out into the wildest New Terrtories to offer free desexing for dogs and cats.  I’ve just received this update on numbers and it’s pretty impressive. Almost all of these animals are local village dogs, the ones that roam freely and produce countless numbers of puppies during their lives.  (ABC means animal birth control).

“Pls kindly forward and advertise the attached Free ABC , million tkxxx pls do come to help our promotion of free abc at the MTR of Central, Admiralty & Causeway, Wanchai, Fortress, North Point, Taikooshing,  starting from Sept – Dec 09
Free ABC Project

abc-dr joe surgery video :

abc-dog trapping video :

Free ABC project update from 21 Nov 08 to 30 Aug 09
免費動物絕育服務 :新進展 由11月21日088月30日09

Total dogs desexed ( F ) : 總共狗女絕育 866
Total dogs desexed (M) : 總共狗仔絕育 267
Total cats desexed ( F ):總共貓女絕育 373 只
Total cats desexed (M) : 總共貓仔絕育 112

Total dogs n cats desexed : 總共貓狗絕育 1,618 

 CCCP (Cat colony care program)貓隻領域護理計劃: 4 Jun 06-30 Aug 09  Total cats desexed : 總共貓絕育 1,438  


 Held by organisation : Hong Kong Cat Refuge (HKCR)
主辦機構 : 香港貓咪俱樂部

 鳴謝 Many thanks for
贊助人 Sponsor: Ms Lee Ngo Yu李翱如小姐

To wrap up the Alfie story, the owners now say they will keep him.  I’ve alerted AFCD in case he’s taken there instead, but for the time being we can draw a line under that particular case.


4 Responses to “Friday 4th September: Computer down”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    That’s amazing about Alison. So happy for her…next Pringle and Oreo…don’t forget Oreo! Oreo is really sweet and loves to be brushed and petted and have his little belly rubbed. I’m now brushing them when I go to the kennels and if I’m late, I get this look from Oreo and if I move on too early, he’ll gentle put his paw on my leg to remind me he’s still there….He really is sweet! And just needs a home to boost his confidence….

  2. Norma M Says:

    I am not convinced the owners of Alfie intend to keep him after all they have said and done. Their calous approach to everything tells me they have no feelings for him. Seems they just want to get us off their backs. Hope if they do decide not to keep him, they do the right thing and come back to us to find him a loving home. He deserves better.

  3. Yanki Says:

    hope Alfie the big lovely boy is still happy in his home….
    anyway, best wishes for him=)

    For alison, this super smart girl ar…hahaha….she used to stay away from strangers, this time she must know she got the ‘chance’!!! so she showed a special impressive performance…hahhaha!!! smart smart smart!XD~ sweet home, Alison~=D

  4. Dog Kennels Says:

    I’m glad to hear about Alison. Sounds like it was a productive day. Good job and good luck.

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