Tuesday 1st September: New month, new puppies

If there’s one guarantee in life it’s that (normal) dogs will keep having puppies if you don’t have them desexed.  (I use the word normal meaning those that haven’t been bred so that they’re unable to function as nature intended, such as bulldogs and chihuahuas). So it was inevitable that another litter of so-called Lorry Pups would appear one day, and today was it.  Four very healthy babies were left outside the kennels, and so the cycle continues.  Hamster, a tiny girl who will remain small, Grace, Doobie and Pingu start the next stage in their lives, hopefully temporarily until they find their ‘forever’ homes.

 The other babies, Crunchie and Cinder, came over from Lamma to have their first vaccination.  This was delayed somewhat because they had been so afraid when they first arrived, but as I found they had broken out of their puppy pen during the night and were happily running around my bedroom when I woke, I thought it was time.  These two little ones had been a bit of a worry when they had been refusing to eat, and despite all my attempts at making them tasty (by dog standards) meals, nothing would tempt them.  Finally, in desperation, I threw a few pieces of dry kibble on the ground and that was it.  Yay! Dry biscuits! Yummy!  These pups are only 4 – 5 weeks old, so it was a bit of  a surprise that this would be their food of choice, but I was just happy that they were eating.

Apart from finding the two puppies running round my bedroom, I had another surprise this morning.  Well, not really a surprise, more a discovery.  I found a plug on the floor of the kitchen with a short, well-chewed flex attached, and although I knew it must have come off some electrical appliance I just couldn’t work out what it was. That is, until I went to make some toast and found that there was only a stub of wire coming out of the back of the toaster.  Yesterday the camera, today the toaster.  I wonder what tomorrow’s victim will be.

I forgot to mention that Tofu, the cocker spaniel, was returned yesterday.  Like Derek and many other cockers, Tofu has two very different personalities.  He is loving, happy and affectionate when he feels settled and secure, but in a unfamiliar environment he can be unpredictable.  And so it was this time, and back he came.  Tofu has been living in the office along with all the other small dogs since he was last adopted and returned (although that time it was because he “smelled funny”).  He went through a very short phase of guarding his toys, but is otherwise no trouble at all.  Now he will have to move back to Lamma and join Derek as being one of the un-homeables. There both of them can enjoy a free and easy life with no pressures and no demands.  In return they never bother anyone, and never bite.  I wish cocker spaniels weren’t so cute as puppies, then perhaps less people would buy this nutcase breed.

 At the other end of the behaviour scale, the remaining ex-bedroom pups are doing brilliantly at the kennels.  They are all going out for walks in their smart new harnesses, and I feel like a proud mother watching them, tails high and wagging, such happy, loving and really extra-super pups.  Why anyone chooses an inbred “poorbreed” over dogs like these is beyond me.


4 Responses to “Tuesday 1st September: New month, new puppies”

  1. max Says:

    Tofu is a lucky one who always has a home waiting for him. Thanks Sally.

  2. emiri ikeda Says:

    i also wonder why so many people are so obsessed with ‘inbreds’. it’s not only with dogs but even with ourselves. look at some of the royal families in the world. i never understood what’s so fascinating about them. they look unnatural and strange and not v functional… i look at my ex-hkdr pekes n pug everyday and think what makes people think these flat noses are cute… they simply look v strange no matter how much i love them. i love them because most of all, they need me, plus their friendly, gentle and cheeky. not because how their nose is shaped or legs so bent. it doesn’t seem right to create such handicapped physique because of strange human fetish. i want to see them breath easier, run better, suffer less from spine damage. i guess it’s like bound feet or corsets. we sure do have some swisted mind. the more i see many dogs at hkdr, the ‘non categorized’ dogs (local dogs) are the most beautiful breeds to my eye. i am v convinced of this.

  3. Biu Mui Says:

    I feel so bad for Tofu. I had a cocker from 1991-2000 and he was an extremely gentle dog. But I did hear from another cocker owner who said that, due to in breeding, these dogs have become crazy and hers even jumped up to attack her sometimes when she walked pass it.
    BTW, how was the puppy that has tick fever? Hope he pulled through. My GR is also suffering from a relapse of tick fever, and the worst strand- babesia giboni. He has ten days of the expensive drug but didn’t seem to help. His other health condition has prevented him to take the lethal injection approach (berenil). I am now putting him on a supplement called artemisinin; an old chinese herbal treatment for malaria. I will keep you posted of the result.

    • Sally Says:

      Amnda, the puppy that had tick fever, is fine. I think herbal remedies are under-utilised (for both humans and animals) and I’m a firm believer in them. I hope your GR pulls through. This breed seems top be particularly susceptible to tick fever.

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