Sunday 30th August: Old and new faces

It was quite a day for reunions at Whiskers’n’Paws today.  There were so many ex-HKDR puppies-now-dogs, but the batteries had died on my camera so I wasn’t able to get any photos.  Drat.


Poster boys Bread and Waffle

Poster boys Bread and Waffle

There was one particular dog that I was extra-specially happy to see.  Egg, who is now Seamus, was one of the original Breakfast Club puppies.  When I took his litter from AFCD kennels there were two very tiny ones amongst them.  I called one Egg because of his big, round head, and the other one Bread. (We also had Bacon, Waffle and Toast).  We had a visiting vet at the kennels that afternoon and she looked at the tiny little egg-head and said she didn’t think he would survive, and suggested it would be kinder to have him put to sleep.  When the vet left I wrapped the tiny pup in a towel and handed him over for her to take back to the clinic, but after a few seconds I knew I couldn’t let Egg go without giving him a chance, and caught up with the pair just as they were getting into a taxi. 

Next generation Chippy

Next generation Chippy


The litter were crawling with fleas, and I clearly remember a group of volunteers sitting there picking the critters off each pup, while others prepared milk for the two tiny ones.

Egg and Bread needed bottle feeding for quite a long time, and against the vet’s initial assessment it was Egg who drank with gusto and little Bread who struggled.  He just wouldn’t suck, and it was some months before I felt sure he would be OK.


Third generation Apple

Third generation Apple

Egg was the first of the litter to be adopted, and he was featured in the second edition of our Tribute Book, while Bread went on to be our poster boy, along with brother Waffle (who has returned to Whiskers’n’Paws several times).  To see Egg today made my afternoon, and I introduced him to Apple, who is from the same family group, just a few generations later.  Of course I was hoping that Apple had a chance of being adopted by Egg’s family and there was a moment when it was a possibility, but eventually it wasn’t to be.


Yoghurt now Whisky, but he has changed again since this photo was taken

Yoghurt now Whisky, but he has changed again since this photo was taken

Others who came back to play were Lime, now a really beautiful girl, not surprisingly as she was a very lovely puppy.  Whisky, ex-Yoghurt, one of Oona’s very special pups and now a very unusual and gorgeous young adult.  (His brother, Banka, is always there on Sundays too).  Now-grown Roca and Shirley, both adopted as puppies, also came along to have a play..


Two other special puppies made their first public appearance.  These were the add-ons that came with Lorna when she arrived with her already large litter of nine.  The third additional puppy didn’t survive, but these two were taken into foster and are now adorable and very small but active 4-month old sweeties.


So it was a day full of memories and happiness at seeing so many familiar faces and wagging tails, but also frustration that there were no new adoptions.

PS:  Check  out Mandy Chu’s latest photoblog for great volunteer photos with some kennel dogs


3 Responses to “Sunday 30th August: Old and new faces”

  1. Winsy Says:

    Nice to meet you and puppies again yesterday.
    I also feel so happy to meet the 2 little add-ons of Lorna, should be my Ding Ding bro/sis, right? So good to see they are quite healthy now, though a little bit small.
    Ding Ding grows a lot in this week, look taller and bigger when meeting her families. Will bring her to meet you all again in later Sunday to play more, as she is too shy when seeing so many doggies and friends.

  2. Norma M Says:

    The more Ding Ding mixes with people and other dogs the better. It is the only way to overcome shyness and ensure a well balanced dog that is fully socialised and a pleasure to have around. So persever with the socialising and you will have a much happier dog in the end which will mean you will also be much happier!

  3. max Says:

    Good to hear Hero has improved everyday! Any photos to let us to see our brave Hero’s beautiful face? Thanks for the family to take care Hero and of course….HKDR who save another life!

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