Friday 28th August: Mayhem again

The chihuahua came back today, this time with a surrender form, but it was still the maid who was sent to do her employer’s dirty work.  The owner had apparently had a human baby so the baby substitute had become redundant.  At only a year old and tiny, as well as being very sweet natured, this little guy will very quickly find a home so I’m not worried. He went straight into a foster home where he’ll be living with a few other chihuahuas until he’s adopted.

Our gorgeous Sugar pup was adopted today.  She and her twin sister, Creamy, are the small-sized girls who love to lounge in a tub of water. (I told the adopter about it so Sugar can continue to enjoy her regular dips).  I don’t know where these  – or any – puppies come from or what their mother’s story is, but we really get some amazing characters.  Sugar and Creamy were members of Milky’s gang, and all of them are super-special.

 The ex-bedroom pups, now fully integrated into kennel life, are another bunch of great characters.  Funny, cheeky, and ultra-friendly, these scamps are just determined to have as much fun as they can every day.  They were taken to AFCD today to be microchipped, and took it all in their stride, seeing it as just another adventure.

While I was there I went to check on the newcomers and reserved a French bulldog, a tiny Pomeranian and three puppies, one of which has only one eye.  This chocolate-coloured youngster is so lovely, and so sweet and special, and I hope the fact that she has only one eye will actually help her to find a home quickly.

New puppy Crunchie feling a bit unsure about everything

New puppy Crunchie feeling a bit unsure about everything

As usual, there were some new babies in there too, and I took them out straight away.  I would say it’s almost certain that they were born wild as they were absolutely teeming with fleas, and their skin is scabby and dirty, but nothing that a quick spritz of Frontline won’t sort out, and a clean space with good food.  One of the pups has a very unusual colouring, dark chocolate with flashes of gold around his paws and face.  His name is Crunchie (like the chocolate bar), and his cinder-coloured brother is now appropriately called Cinder.

Some things are starting to become worryingly routine, such as the parties held by certain 4-legged individuals in what used to be a safe place, ie. my bedroom and adjacent dressing room.  I got home this evening to find there had been another raid on not only my socks, but also a collection of antique gloves (OK, a strange thing to have but I inherited them from my aunt many years ago), and just about everything else that was out including the aircon remote control.  I blame it all on Murphy, as he was the one who invited Minky onto the bed, enticing her with toys and promises of great games. Until he started climbing the stairs there was none of this monkey business but now it’s every day.  I’ve seen him do it.  He finds a ball or a squeaky toy, puts it on the bed, and then goes to find Minky (and Willow) to bark his invitation, “Come and play!”.  I’ve watched them playing and I have to say it’s very cute and entertaining as they’re an unlikely couple, but raiding my drawers and cupboards isn’t funny.

The doves have also re-appeared, at least one of them.  This time he or she didn’t take the hint when I pulled up the blind to let it out, but flew in the other direction.  After crashing into walls in a blind panic, it eventually dropped to the ground and I was able to pick it up and carry it outside.

What next?

PS: There have been so many lovely comments about Trudy, and also photos sent as I didn’t have a good one.  Here’s one of her in a pose you’ll remember, as sitting on a chair was her favourite choice.

Trudy on her favourite chair

Trudy on her favourite chair


5 Responses to “Friday 28th August: Mayhem again”

  1. Marie Says:

    great photo of Trudy:) It captures her perfectly.. she totally was the coolest girl at the kennels!:) big kiss to you Trudy.xx

  2. Kris Says:

    I can not tell you how much I miss my little darling, She tried so hard to be good so often wasn’t,In my eye she was perfect ..I told her always how much she was welcomed in to our house ,She had so much love, She loved her friend Rex would lick his face often (he hated it but came totolerate it).She had came such a long way and we encouraged her personality her little quirks like the facination with socks you would always find them on her mat not damaged just moisted her love of the airconditioned rooms,I can’t explain our frustration that she appeared to be doing so well and then in a few hours passed away.I can tell you how much I have cursed the dog posioner of the lowest act.I am sorry I couldn’t protect her I miss her licks

  3. Kris Says:

    She was my little girl thankyou

  4. Norma M Says:

    Kris we know how much you loved her and it is terrible what happened. Words cannot explain the anger and hate we have for such people and wish that the authorities could catch them. As you say, so hard to prove and difficult to catch the cowards. We know that Trudy was happy during her time with you.

  5. Siew Yen Says:

    Dear Kris looks like she found the perfect family. We understand how you feel and please take care. Many prayers for Trudy and all of you..

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