Thursday 27th August: Happy and sad endings

I got some very sad news today about Trudy, a gorgeous bull terrier/Jack Russell girl who was left tied outside our kennel gates one morning.  She was still a puppy then, and so full of energy and fun that we guessed that was the reason for her being abandoned.  We had another small-sized bull terrier at that time called Normandy, and these two girls would play and play.  It took a long time for them to find homes, probably due to their extremely high activity levels, but eventually they were adopted and Normandy is now living in South Africa, no doubt enjoying the freedom and space available there.

I wish I could find a better photo

I wish I could find a better photo

 Trudy too is now enjoying unlimited freedom, but in another place and another way.  She was poisoned and died, another victim of the ridiculously lax laws that allow the open sale of  a herbicide that is so toxic and so dangerous that it is banned in almost every other place, even in so-called third world countries.  One of my own dogs died like this, and it is so devastating to the body that there is almost no chance of survival, and death is agonising.  It is just as dangerous to humans, but pop down to your local hardware store and you can buy this lethal poison for just a few dollars.

On to the happy ending, and a very welcome update on Mr Wong, also known as Ah Wong, who came to us in a roundabout way and who quickly, and very surpisingly, found a new “real” home.

Ah Wong, new at kennels

Ah Wong, new at kennels

Mr Wong was a stray dog who used to hang round our kennels looking for food.  He came every day and was fed by volunteers, but it seemed he had somewhere else he used to go as  he wasn’t around all the time.  We eventually found out he lived at a work site not too far from the kennels, and eventually he stopped coming round so often.  This was because he found a mate in Oona, the first of what we now call the Monkey Dogs, a sort of scruffy, grey-coloured terrier type, very cute but very timid.  Mr Wong and Oona lived happily on the site (and producing litters of puppies because it was – and still is – impossible to catch Oona) until one day when there was an incident (Mr Wong was an excellent guard dog) and we were told that Ah Wong was going to go to AFCD.  There was no option but to being him to our kennels, but we were all very sad about having to take away not only Mr Wong’s freedom, but also his mate.

Ah Wong was depressed at first but dogs being dogs, he quickly adapted to his new life and accepted what he had.  I don’t think any of us thought he had a real chance of finding a home, so it was double happiness all round when he was adopted after having been with us only a short time.  Look at him now.  His name should be Mr Happy.

Mr Wong, no longer an unwanted stray.  Does he look happy, or what?

Mr Wong, no longer an unwanted stray. Does he look happy, or what?

Someone came to the kennels today to surrender a chihuahua.  It wasn’t the owner of the dog, but the maid.  She had no idea about anything, only that she had been told by her employers to take the dog to us.  Abandonment through a third party, getting some hapless individual who has no choice but to do your dirty work for you.  It doesn’t get lower than that.


15 Responses to “Thursday 27th August: Happy and sad endings”

  1. Susan Says:

    Dear Trudy, my dear Trudy. I’m sure you will continue to have a fun and happy life on rainbow bridge.

    I still remember the day she was abandoned — she was found tied outside our kennels in the morning. It was also my kennel shift. She was in perfect conditions and seemed to have been well looked after. I will also remember and miss her vitality and passion for everything.

    Take care Trudy!

  2. Caroline B Says:

    Terrible news about Trudy. There are some sick individuals out there.

    Would you consider removing the name of the poison? I’m concerned that you’ve just put a poisoners manual out there. I appreciate that the readers of your blog should be dog lovers but as I said there are some sick individuals out there.

    Is there anything we can do to get this stuff banned? I would try to start a campaign but again worried that it’s just advertising the method to the would be sickos, and putting ideas into their heads. This should be available by licence only, if at all.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, I’ll take the name out. This was reported by SCMP when my dog died, and has been reported with subsequent deaths. Nothing has been done to ban or even restrict sales.

  3. Norma M Says:

    Sad, Sad news about Trudy. Was it an accidental poisoning? Whilst highlighting the tragedy of this product I hope more people will become aware of the danger of using such herbicides. These easily obtainable products can just as easily get into the wrong hands – it is such a worry.

  4. Denvy Says:

    Oh Trudy, what sad news. I’m sure you are in a better place now.. rest in peace

  5. Angela Wong Says:

    Oh, Ah Wong . So happy to see his picture. He is in fact a very handsome dog.

    Terrible news about Trudy. Any idea where he was poisoned? Did they report this to the police?

    • Sally Says:

      The problem is, how do you even start to find out who did it? What would the police do? The best thing is simply to ban such toxic products.

  6. Vivian Chan Says:

    very sad news about trudy. hope it was an accident. i still remembered how she would pull the edge of my shirt when she wanted to play but i wanted to rest or how she jumped up and down on the chairs in the volunteers room. carry on with all the fun!

    ah wong is a lucky boy. yeah, it was a surprise when his dad and sister said they would take ah wong home. he is very sweet indeed. he looks great in his home. we heard that no one has seen oona in the past two months or so.

  7. ivy Says:

    Dear Trudy-di

    your happy face will forever in our hearts, RIP.

  8. parrisreddog Says:

    Wondering about the poison? Is it something used often by lots of people? I don’t think I use any herbicides, but now I’m worried!(I do use a weed killer, but Never near the dog area!) Any chance you can email me the name? I would hate to buy any!
    I’m so very sorry about Trudy. So sad to think she suffered. I hope at the very least it was accidental. She is happy now, and safe at the bridge!

  9. Madelaine Gomez Says:

    So very sad to hear about Trudy. I remember her dearly, jumping up on the furniture in the kennels.

    And Ah Wong – what a lovely picture of him. Yes, he is indeed a very handsome dog. Many times when I was on my way to the kennels, on seeing me he would cross the road from the construction site and walk all the way to the kennels beside me, and if there are no HKDR dogs about, he would wait for the food.

  10. Norma L Says:

    Oh Trudy…. I will miss this funny girl. I hope she’s having all the fun over the rainbow bridge. I have a photo of Trudy taken when she was still one of our kennels resident. feel free to us it here Sally.

  11. Marie Says:

    oh no!!!!! Darling Trudy!!!! 😦 Beautiful funny lovely lovely girl. I still remember the day someone left you at the HKDR gates. Im happy to have met you sweet dog. YOu and Normy brought us so many smiles and cheered us up! We love you. xxx

  12. Kris Says:

    The herbside it was sprayed on to her face as her mouth was all ulcerated and her tongue was dark purple she appeared to have improved her test showed all a posative results the but she just suddenly kept panting and drooling then eventually passed away,
    I did report to the police in Sai Kung her home was in Nam Wai Village so please if anyone is around the area with your pooches be careful…By the way for note she was poisoned while on her own property I belive it was intentional but the police have no evidence……sadly

  13. Anna Says:

    Horrible news and what a sick person to do this (hopefully unintentionally)… we miss you greatly, Trudy!!! 😦 At least, your pain has ceased.
    She was such a characteristic little dog, so much enthusiasm and affection, always curious and friendly, I remember when she used to sit on the table in the volunteer room directly in front of the fan during summer, such a laugh… she will definitely be remembered as a dog always up for the ride. I still remember when she whizzed away in that sports car. I’m just so glad she went to a great home, in the end, and had many, many good days.

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