Monday 24th August: Thwarted but relieved

After the good Sunday adoptions there’s another happy dog today when Tofu, the cocker spaniel, is adopted.  We’re extra pleased because he had moved himself into the office, while we’re busy trying to move dogs out.  Anyway, now he has a whole apartment to live in, with another cocker as a friend.  Now we have to see if we can find a home for Derek, the mad-but-lovely cocker who has been waiting for the right home for some time now.

 There was a lockdown at kennels today while a new gate was fitted.  This is all part of our master plan to switch the office and volunteer rooms round, while blocking dog access to both with the gates.  It’s great in theory, so now we just have to make it happen for real.  Next step: the move itself. The dogs that currently occupy the volunteer room are going to be evicted, and I’m guessing they won’t be too happy about that.  Only Tokyo Joe can keep his space behind the washing machine, a spot he chose for himself a long time ago.

 As regular readers will know, Monday is an AFCD (Ag & Fish) day when I go to check the new intake from the weekend.  I was thwarted today when I went over as there was a gathering of staff outside the AFCD office, and I was asked to come back later.  When I returned it was still too soon, so I gave up.  I don’t need much persuading to delay having to inspect the dogs and to having to choose those that will live,  while leaving the others to their fate.

One of 17 poms

One of 17 poms

Although there were no new dogs coming in from AFCD today, there is another case which could mean a lot of littl’uns coming our way.  Someone has seventeen pomeranians they need to find homes for.  Yep, seventeen.  I think they started with two, and two became six, and six became, …… well, I think you can work out the rest.  We’re going to take them a few at a time starting with three.

The Jack Russell, Hero, is still in hospital but should be ready to leave in a day or so.  His wound was far more serious than first thought, and it seems he was attacked by a large dog which literally ripped a chunk of flesh from Hero’s shoulder meaning it’s not just a wound that can be stitched together.  Luckily someone has offered to foster him when he comes out of hospital, so that’s one worry less.

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One Response to “Monday 24th August: Thwarted but relieved”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    very happy for tofu. since the owners already have a cocker, they should know how to take care of tofu.

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