Sunday 23rd August: Rollo goes home!

At last things are starting to move again.  I know that we’re not the only organisation that’s had a terrible few months for adoptions, in fact I think everyone has, but today there’s a very special homing as well as several puppies.

Rollo, going to a home at last

Rollo, going to a home at last

I got Rollo from AFCD as a baby pup years ago.  He lived with me on Lamma just like the other puppies, and there was nothing remarkable about him except that he was a very cute, fluffy boy, but for whatever reason he was never adopted. We were a much smaller organisation in those days, and didn’t have the Pokfulam kennels or Whiskers’n’Paws, so adoptions really only took place via ads in publications like HK Dollarsaver.  I don’t even think we had a website, or if we did it was very basic.

Then came the time when I needed more space for the dogs, and when another house near me became vacant I took it on  and several dogs were moved from my house to what is known as the “top house” (it’s at the top of the path).  The choice of dogs was random as the move happened at a time when I needed to make an emergency trip to the UK, and it was my helpers who chose the dogs.  Rollo was a wrong choice, as he’s a quiet, almost solitary boy, and he was picked on mercilessly by the other dogs, so much so that in the end he had to be moved to kennels.

It turned out that the reason he didn’t run and play with the rest of the pack was because he had very bad knees which required operations to fix.  That done, his walking was far easier but he had become an habitual lazybones.  He has been at kennels for at least two years now, and while he made friends with his kennelmate, Pogo, his life was a pretty sad one and he kept to himself inside his safe place most of the time.

 So when I got the news today that Rollo had been adopted, I was so happy.  Rollo!  Poor, sad, sweet Rollo, going home at last!

Other puppies who also found homes were Melody (gorgeous, sweet girl), Nona (one of Lorna’s pups),  white sharpei boy, Whisper, and two of the ex-bedroom pups, Leila and Tipsy.  So not a bad Sunday at all, and a good leaving present for Maxwell on his last day.

 There was also good news about the two abandoned dogs found at Plover Cove, with the Chihuahua already adopted.  As the new adopter of Fugu, the ex-bald pug, wrote in an email:

This is what Fugu, now Louie, looked like when he arrived

This is what Fugu, now Louie, looked like when he arrived

“Oh, by the way… The idiot that passed him initially up because of the cost etc….. well, he has totally missed out on an exceptional dog.  We are not super wealthy expats, but we do realise that we have a good life here, and make it so much better by taking on litte souls that give us more than money ever could.  If I could Id like to thank him for being an arsehole, giving us the chance to adopt this awesome little pug”

Echoing that sentiment, I’d say that being abandoned is often the best thing that has happened to these dogs.  It means they can start afresh, in homes that will love them and take care of them forever.  It’s ironic really that the ones that are kept by terrible owners, often in cages, are the really sad cases.

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9 Responses to “Sunday 23rd August: Rollo goes home!”

  1. Pei Says:

    awww congratulations to them all!!! nothing better than knowing that these lovely dogs have found good homes…especially when they’re HKDR “lifers” 🙂

  2. Helen Says:

    so glad rollo has a home. we almost chose him but took Spud instead but I have always watched for rollo getting a home.

  3. Caroline B Says:

    Very happy to hear of the success stories and hope the rest of the year will bring many, many more. And I often think that you can’t really judge until you know the dog’s full life story whether it was one of the lucky ones. Fortunes can reverse so quickly in either direction in such a random fashion.

    I’m sure all the other owners of these “second hand dogs” would agree that it’s not us who rescues them, but them who rescue us. We’re the real lucky ones.

  4. May Says:

    so glad Rollo’s finally homed!!

  5. Alexandra Says:

    Hi Sally, Rollo is settling in fine so far. The experience of coming into a new environment is probably a bit overwhelming for him but he seems to be okay. He’s had a bath (which I can’t say he enjoyed) but loves the bedroom when the air-conditioning is on. He’s also fascinated with the balcony and seems to enjoy watching the traffic on the road below especially in the evening. He will probably need some time to adjust to our existing dogs (and us and a home environment). He doesn’t seem to mind one but does not like the the more active Schnauzer who is trying to boss him around and stare him out. Last night, we heard 2 deep growls from Rollo when the Schnauzer went up close to stare at him. We will be keeping a close eye on them so that there are no fights. He’s had a couple of walks yesterday and a long walk this morning and seems keen to explore the new surroundings but so far as not done a pee or anything else which is a little worrying. I hope its just the new surroundings and the new dogs down the road (who were very keen to meet him) – he probably found it all quite intimidating as I heard again a couple of quiet growls when some of the dogs came up a bit too close. Hopefully he will do a pee when I walk him again later in the afternoon when it is cooler. Rollo also accompanied me and one of our dogs to the vet this morning – he wanted to follow us out and I thought it would be quite good for him to meet our vet. He was great in the car (hops up and down himself) and curious about everything – the car, the roads and the clinic, but was a bit suspicious of our vet who offered him a cookie. A big thanks to HKDR and all the great volunteers who have been looking after him and who specially gave him a shave yesterday. I’ll keep you all posted on Rollo and hopefully he will be up to joining Peak to Fong in November.

  6. Norma M Says:

    Hi Alexandra, thanks for giving Rollo a loving home. Hopefully he will settle quickly but just to let you know a little about his habits. He does not like to go to the toilet in the open but will look for a bushy spot. He is fully toilet trained and will not go unless he feels he is in a safe spot to do so. He is a lovely gentle soul and I am sure he will bring you a lot of happiness. I hope to see him on the P2F. Lots of love to Rollo!!

  7. Alexandra Says:

    Thanks a million Norma. We looked for several grassy sandy spots similar to those he likes near the kennels when we walked him on Saturday and Sunday morning at HKDR. He’s now done a pee several times (in a bushy spot on a slope) but still no poop since Sunday morning at the kennels. Any other pointers about his habits would be most appreciated.

  8. Foster Wong Says:

    seriously, it’s very heartwarming to see long-timers like Rollo gets a permanent home!

    Alexandra, can’t wait to see you and Rollo at the Peak to Fong this year!

  9. Vivian Chan Says:

    very happy for all the adoptions especially for rollo and melody. rollo hopped into the taxi following his brother when they were ready to leave the kennels on sunday.

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