Saturday 22nd August: Small gesture, big reward

I still have two of the Monkey Pups, the funny, lovely-but-shy girls, now young adults.  The other two were adopted as they made the transition from terrified youngsters to almost-normal, but it’s taken a long time for the remaining sisters to come even close to that stage.  We’re now at the point where they are quite happy and comfortable being close to me, but they won’t let me touch.  I can sneak in a quick stroke when they’re not looking, but as soon as they see it’s me and what I’m doing, off they go.  So this morning when I let the dogs out into the garden and joined them for a quick check of my plants, I was very happy when one of the Monkies shyly and sweetly touched her nose to my hand as she passed.  It was a small gesture that meant a lot to me.  I love this funny girl. 

Monkey girl with friend

Monkey girl with friend


Poor Duck-Duck has lived his entire life in a cage

Poor Duck-Duck has lived his entire life in a cage

This being a Saturday I spent the day at home, but glued to my computer as the deadlines loom for the various planning stages for Peak to Fong.  Of course there are also the usual email requests for taking in puppies and dogs, but one in particular that caught my eye.  It was about a puppy called Duck-Duck who has been living in a cage in a pet shop since he was very young, and now he doesn’t want to come out on the odd occasion when he’s visited (by the writer of the email).  I explain that any animal that’s shut in a small cage for 24 hours a day during the crucial development period will probably never be normal, as the brain is understimulated and won’t develop properly.  However, for Duck-Duck’s sake I agree to take him.  I then find out that this pet shop seems to be a dumping place for unwanted dogs and that there is a selection of small breeds also waiting for homes.  I tell the writer that we will take these (all young) dogs too, and that she should inform me whenever there are these abandoned pets that need help. 

I also get a call about two more dogs found abandoned at the Plover Cove Reservoir area, the same place where the two Westies were picked up.  This is a place that’s well known as a dumping site for unwanted pets, and I wonder why nothing has been done in terms of surveillance if this is so common.  The two new dogs are a chihuahua and a schnauzer, both totally traumatised but at least safe now.  How could someone dump a chihuahua and expect it to survive?

1-year old Alfie (as he will be known)

1-year old Alfie (as he will be known)

There’s  three more dogs waiting for adoption at AFCD Kowloon, one of which is a year-old Old English Sheepdog.  Another cute puppy bought by another stupid ignoramus.

 Back at the ranch (my house), my patience is starting to wear thin with the newly-formed double act of Minky and Willow.  At the end of the day I go into to my bedroom to find the place has been ransacked.  The devils have raided my sock drawer and there are socks everywhere.  They also found something made out of straw (a hat?) but I can’t tell what it is any more because it’s been broken down into tiny bits that are scattered everywhere. It’s too late to get angry, so I just do a quick clean up before getting into bed, only to quickly get out again when I find that it’s soaking wet.  Another pee, thank you Willow!.

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One Response to “Saturday 22nd August: Small gesture, big reward”

  1. Kirsteen Says:

    Thanks to Mid-Levels Kirsten’s amazing (and ridiculously fast) help, the Chihuahua found at Plover Cove was adopted today!

    The schnauzer is still with us, though with a bad bacterial eye infection and weak legs (suspect was in a cage all her life). But she’s started wagging her tail – we’re looking forward to watching her improve, day by day.

    Thanks to all the animal welfare organisations who really stepped up to help – We had no idea what to do! THANK YOU.

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