Friday 21st August: Trying to keep up

There’s news about Hero, the Jack Russell, and the owner has agreed to surrender him. So he’s now officially Hero, and he’ll be needing somewhere to go when he comes out of hospital.  He’ll need drains in his shoulder as the wound is so deep, and having him at kennels is out of the question.  I know he’ll have no problem finding a home as he’s a young dog, small and very sweet, but we need somewhere now.  (It would also be nice if Hero’s adopter could  help cover what I suspect is going to be a hefty vet bill, the reason the owner finally agreed to let him go).

 I usually try to stick to some sort of timetable during the day with my morning walk starting at 10am, but as there’s more and more work to do (my blog included), it’s hard to get away before 11am these days.  Now with the Lane Crawford fortnight to plan for, not to mention Peak to Fong,  there’s a non-stop flow of emails to my inbox all of which need an instant reply.  I have an appointment in Central at 5pm today, so by the time I check my watch after ploughing through all the mail, it’s too late to go to the kennels.

Old Pom, now Gum Gum, happy with his new life

Old Pom, now Gum Gum, happy with his new life

 One of the emails was news of a pomeranian adopted a couple of months ago.  I found this little guy at AFCD last year sometime, and he was in such a bad state that I took him to the vet to have him euthanised, the best thing I could do for him I thought.  The vet checked him over and said there was nothing really wrong with him except old age and that he should be fine after his rotten teeth had been removed so he could eat, as well as being desexed.  I hadn’t even thought of a name for the poor little dog, so he was registered as ‘old pom’ and that’s how it stayed.  Old Pom came back to Lamma and sure enough he lived, although his pace was so slow I often wondered if he really was still alive.  I even took him back to the vet once, convinced he must be on his last legs but no, his heart was still beating and he was fine. Still, I was very surprised when one of the volunteers who visit Lamma regularly said she had a home for Old Pom, but sure enough, he went off one day and he now has a new life and a real name, Gum Gum.  Which goes to show that it’s never too late, and no dog is ever too old, to find a home.

 Going back to the big event , our sixth Peak to Fong fundraising event, this year will be a bigger-than-ever party in Lan Kwai Fong, with street stalls and entertainment planned.  If any of you work for, or know of, any companies or individuals who would like to sponsor a stall or stalls, let me know and I’ll send details. The aim of this event, like all of our events, is to make as much money as we can so we can keep saving dogs.  That’s the bottom line.

 It seems that I’ve acquired another furry friend.  My computer mouse won’t work and after trying everything I can think of to fix the problem, I find tell-tale teeth marks in the mouse cable and a little pile of black plastic behind the PC.  I’m on the third floor of the house, so how and why did a real mouse suddenly appear, and why is it eating my cables??  Fortunately I find a spare (computer) mouse, but the 4-legged variety will have to go.

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5 Responses to “Friday 21st August: Trying to keep up”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I wonder why mouse like eating the cable. It happened twice at kennel. Is it delicious?

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    Oh, no! Mouse!! Where is “the cat”?

  3. Susan Says:

    I wonder how this mouse managed to escape the surveillance of your pups and dogs on the second and/or third floor.

  4. Got Dog Kennels Says:

    It must have been a stealth mouse.

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