Thursday 20th August: HKDR moves into Pacific Place

From the moment I switch my phone on I’m waiting to hear news of Hero, the Jack Russell with the terrible wound on his shoulder, who is now in hospital.  Finally I speak to the vet who’s on hospital duty and I’m told that the owner of the dog wants him back but doesn’t want to, or can’t, pay any vet bills.  She wants to take him out of hospital and take care of him herself.  Of course she has no idea how severe his injuries are or that surgery is an absolute necessity.  The plan is now to try to get her to officially surrender Hero so that he can recover with proper care, and then be re-homed.

Willow sits in the remains of a basket, all but the base already eaten

Willow sits in the remains of a basket, all but the base already eaten

 I have a new “guest” upstairs, Willow, one of the Lorry Pups.  She is bigger than the others and stands out as being independent and very smart.  Not for her the confines of any enclosure, whether in the bedroom or in the garden, and it’s impossible to keep her in for longer than a few seconds.  She can also go up and down the stirs without any problem, so if I move her to the garden, she’s straight back up.  Now she has discovered that Minky and Sparkle enjoy privileges on the top floor and she wants to join the gang.

She also likes wrestling with Murphy on my bed, as does Minky, and every day I find that the covers have been pulled back so they can have a clear space for their games. I don’t know who it is that pulls the covers up, but it’s from the bottom of the bed to the top, and my white cotton sheets don’t stay white for long.

 Things are gearing up a notch as we’re heading towards the end of summer and the start of the events season.  Today there’s a meeting with Lane Crawford to finalise dates for a combined promotion that has been in the pipeline for a while, and we can now announce that HKDR will be at the Pacific Place store for two weeks starting from the 24th September.  This will also be the launch of the 2010 HKDR Diary and the 2010 Calendar, and we’re very excited about the opportunity to get our name (and the diaries and calendars) out to a whole new audience.  There will be other totally new HKDR products available too. Including the long-awaited T-shirts, and this year’s Peak to Fong tickets.

There’ll be an official announcement soon, but you blog readers get the news first as always.  Keep reading for more updates on other upcoming events, as there are more on the way  …….

The end of the summer holidays is good news for us as adopters trickle back from their long vacations, and we’re finally starting to see a break the homing drought.  It’s been a very tough few months and it’s not over yet, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel now.

A random photo taken by one of the volunteers visiting Lamma (Foster or Vivian).  I love this shot.  The window is a second door for the doglets

A random photo taken by one of the volunteers visiting Lamma (Foster or Vivian). I love this shot. The window is a second door for the doglets

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5 Responses to “Thursday 20th August: HKDR moves into Pacific Place”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    Great news with the promotion at Lane Crawford! Would the HKDR products be placed near the ladies shoes department? That area has the most traffic in the shop.

    The Amanda pic was Foster’s. I had a similar shot but not as nice.

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Vivian,
      We’ll be next to the big screen at Lane Crawford. It’s by the “I-Bar”. If we were near the shoes I’d be too distacted!

  2. Foster Wong Says:

    Can’t wait for the Pacific Place store to open!

  3. MandyChu Says:

    Oh, can’t wait to see the outcome of the calendar!

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